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Contest forum Announcement! Please read!


Staff member
One of our moderators, gedstar, expressed the desire to participate in the challenges so the administrative staff set out on figuring a way to allow Ged to join in the fun. Since the attachments of the Contest Forum are automatically moderated, the initial problem was, that it's part of the mod staffs responsibilities to view and approve any moderated attachments in the forum. This meant that the mod staff had the ability and subsequent advantage over other participating challenge members of being able to view all entries submitted to any thread in the Contest Forum.

What we needed to do was to make it so Ged was like any other PSG member and could not view the challenge submissions. Let me see if I can quickly explain how the task was accomplished.

All PSG members are placed into what's called usergroups. Each usegroup has set permissions. The permissions are what dictate what the user can or can't do within the forum. Our goal for Geds permissions is that we want to block his ability to view and moderate any attachments in the Contest Forum. Admin had to create a new moderator usergroup for Ged and remove him from the standard moderator usergroup. Then he set special permissions for Geds role in the Contest Forum.

What does this mean now? This means that gedstar can no longer view and moderate attachments in the Contest Forum and he is on the exact same playing field as any other participant in the challenges!

While this does not mean that Ged has to participate in the challenges, but he now has the option of doing so if he desires.

Good luck Ged and enjoy!