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  1. M

    Viewing History panel AND layers panel at the same time.

    My Photoshop resets things occasionally when loading. Recently my history panel and layers panel disappeared. I can make the history panel or layers panel appear but not both at the same time. I can click the tabs at the top of the panel and switch back and forth but I had both visible at the...
  2. A

    Font name and link

    Hi guys, Does anyone know or recognize this font. This is the font I want to use on my design... Please see attached image to view the font. Hope you can help me find this font. Thanks in advanced! Cheers!!!
  3. M

    Can't view PNG files in Photoshop CS6

    I have not had this problem until a couple of weeks ago but I can no longer view my PNG files in photoshop. They show up as a little square with PS in them when I look in bridge. I can open them and work with them without problem but can't see them in bridge. Is there some way for me to fix...
  4. IamSam

    Contest forum Announcement! Please read!

    One of our moderators, gedstar, expressed the desire to participate in the challenges so the administrative staff set out on figuring a way to allow Ged to join in the fun. Since the attachments of the Contest Forum are automatically moderated, the initial problem was, that it's part of the...
  5. M

    Refine and Edge feature -Not able to get all view modes in the drop down

    Refine and Edge feature -Not able to get all view modes in the drop down I am trying to use selection tool for editing a image and after doing that i am clicking on Refine and Edge button and in that in the view mode does not show me all the drop downs. is there a way to enable this from any...
  6. dv8_fx

    Studio Ghibli's Animation Software - TOONZ - Free Release

    For those of you interested in Anime and Animation, Studio Ghibli is releasing its open-sourced edition of TOONZ PREMIUM on March 26, 2016. Toonz Premium enables you to create theater quality animation. You can now draw, Ink, Paint, Edit, Composite and Animate your scenes in your computer...
  7. IamSam

    Daily Tutorial #1 Transparent T-Shirt

    I have always stated that I try to do at least one or more tutorials a day. I find that even if I'm mostly familiar with the technique described in the tutorial, I always seem to find one or more things that I did not know. Another self imposed challenge is to alter the tutorial and try to make...
  8. Z

    male head model post processed

    so today, I sat at the PC for a little bit of Zbrush practice, I ended up playing around with the idea of doing a very quick study of a male head... This was the outcome after roughly an hour and a half rather than enter into any more detail an lock the PC up (I need more RAM) I decided to...
  9. S

    Lake View

    This is a fun coloring project i did at 2 AM. Before After -Tygar
  10. R

    window masking for Real Estate Photo

    I have been reworking my real estate photography technique. I am to the point I use a 3 shot 1 stop hdr exposure, I then shoot proper room exposure with a large 650 watt sec nicefoto flash to eliminate all shadows but I am still not happy with the windows. We have lots of mountain view where I...
  11. A

    Issue with darks appearing lighter in Photoshop (vs lightroom or Apple's Preview)

    When I open a file to view in Photoshop the blacks are lighter (or the contrast is reduced). 1) This happens when I choose to edit file to Photoshop from Lightroom. The image in Photoshop looks different than in lightroom. The blacks have more detail and seem to have less contrast in...
  12. A

    Need 3 Quick Bird's Eye View Pirate Ships :)

    I'm currently working on a video game project in class and can't seem to find a decent clipart of pirate ships to use. I need three different sized ships from a bird's eye view, similar to the picture below...
  13. MikeMc

    What did I do

    I think that states it well. I don't know what I did, but now when I open any image in CS5 I can't keep it in "icon" view...shows me details... Yep I know about the box (circled) and it will adjust to the "large icon "view...but won't stay that way.... In windows (7) I can click on the same...
  14. L

    Problem with the 3D rotate options

    I'm trying to do a normal isometric view but this is the final result : (see the immage below) what's wrong? On the left there is the wrong view and on the right the original one. Maybe a problem with the groups? I'm new here, so I hope to have write on the right forum! Thanks a lot :) leo
  15. N

    Difference in white balance between windows photo view and photoshop

    Hi everyone..this is my first thread. Im using CC and windows 7. I have also spyder utility 3 (calibration) installed on my computer. When i open a raw image in photoshop, do adjustments and then click on "Open image" to process for example more on white balance and save the file (Save as) as...
  16. N

    Grays appear brown ONLY in photoshop.

    Please see attached image. The left is a white to black gradient in photoshop, and the right is the same image view through irfan view (or any other viewer gives similar results). Obviously this is something with photoshop, and not the monitor. My question is, why is this happening? any ideas...
  17. Paul

    Playing around with the zoom feature.

    Made this with my little Nikon point and shoot, inspired by the Hollywood greats:mrgreen: Trying to get the zoom out as i move inwards and the zoom in as i move away is the trick to it, both must be of the same speed.:banghead: Getting their though :cheesygrin: View My Video
  18. B

    [NEED HELP] Color view Issue

    Hello all, I am having an issue with PS that is driving me nuts. I assume it has something to do with view settings but I cannot figure it out. There are pictures in attachments. As You can see, the colors Blue and green are appearing as black if applied in larger tones. But when saved as RGB...
  19. I

    uncheck view options

    I'm sure there's a simple solution but I can't find it. I once ticked on 'extras' under 'view' and now every time I open a photo it does so with the 'extras' enabled, until I uncheck the option. Can someone please assist? Thanks Ian
  20. T

    help! can't view pdf file

    created in photoshop CS4 in acrobat 9 pro on my mac It comes up as ugly big framed grey blank in acrobat. Tried updating acrobat Tried output settings in photoshop the file open in browsers like firefox and google chrome and as an attachment in email but just won't show in acrobat...