1. SeniorS

    PS CS3 (PC) reposition image view to right upper corner by scrolling though images?

    Another "smart" question from me. :) That's bother me for a moment started work with CS3. If i zoom in image so it's bigger than "Fit on Screen" then if open/create or go to other opened image and return to 'zoomed' one, PS reposition area i see to right upper corner. Is it just me or it's...
  2. R

    how to view photos on before and after showroom/showroom

    Hi, I am going in to view photos on threads (eg Einstein pic on before and after showroom)and getting a picture of a frog in a piece of ice. How can I view the photos??? I am on a very slow internet dongle, would that be the problem? Although... I pressed the attachment icon on the front of...
  3. A

    CSS Float within a grid view

    Hi I am trying to get a display over 2 rows, but want to have a dynamic grid which works horizontal and NOT vertical. I can get it to work vertical, but its not the effect I'm after. for example: the current grid: 6 4 2 5 3 1 When an item (7) is added to the dynamic grid: 7 5 3 1 6 4 2...