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Batch Automation Batch replacing Smart Objects


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Hi, everybody. I'm all new around here, but please allow me to skip the introduction and get right down to business.

This is the deal - I need to create, and have done it with some minor success so far, a script in Photoshop
which lays out vector logos onto pictures of clothing, in order to create an illusion of a complete product.
Nothing fancy, the most basic thing you can think of.

I've tried one solution so far in several ways - creating a script that maps external resources and places vector logos onto the images.
It works, but only on my PC. I may have it done so that it works on others as well, but it most certainly isn't ideal and I'd like to find another way.

The only really good idea came across my mind, so far, is having all the images already set (item shot + Smart Object containing the logo over it),
and then having a script that replaces all these logos / Smart Objects and saving them as JPEGs.

Would anyone know how this is done, if there is a way at all?

All help is greatly appreciated, and questions are welcome as well.