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  1. Pshop5years

    i love to help people out in photoshop! ♥♥♥

    Bio: Hi everybody, My name is Alex i speak English/Swedish/Russian. Just created my profile here to help some people out while hopefully getting back on my feet again :) Usually i design things for my friends like logos, thumbnails, banners, even 3D at times when I am messing around on my...
  2. J

    Creative Blog Logo Revamp Request

    Hi Photoshop Gurus! Good day! I just want my 3 blog logos to be revamped because I'm the one who created it and I think its so simple hehe. Here's my logos: Logo (Square) Logo (with Text) Logo (with description) Any kind of edits or new creations is highly...
  3. T

    Can someone please change the color/theme of this existing logo?

    Hi how are you, I have this logo, attached as "ORIGINAL LOGO", and I need the color scheme and theme changed. Currently it's very bland, blue and uninteresting. I want it to be sleek, luxurious, and gold with a black background. I've attached 3 logos that have the "feel" of what I want. They...
  4. B

    Illustrator How long does it take to learn to design good logos

    Hy, How long does it take to learn to design good logos and how many tutorials do you need? Is lynda beginner adobe illustrator course and Udemy enough and then i just have to play with the tools for a while and i will be able to create awsome logos? Thank you
  5. D

    Illustrator Illustrator Tutorial | Batman Logo Design with narration Learn how to create this Creative Batman Logo Design by following this video. I hope this video helps you a lot and you will love this video. You can follow this link for more upcoming and recent videos like this video.
  6. C

    Layer Effects in MockUp Template for Logos

    I bought a mockup template to use for my logos that would be going in a portfolio on my website. My logos is black and red. I brought my logo into the template but don't know how to manipulate the layer effects to get the color for my logo. Below is how my logo looks and a screenshot of the...
  7. B

    can't put white logos on shirts

    Hi I actually need help to put a white logo on a shirt. So basically what happens is,everytime i put the logo on the shirt,and change the mode (of the logo) in "multiply",it disappears instead of beign part of it. The thing is,with colored logos it doesn't give me that problem. Any solution...
  8. J

    Hello Jeff here I'm new

    Hello, I just started commenting on this forum and love helping people out. If you have any questions with how to do something I am glad to be of an assistance. I create logos, composites, photo retouching(as well as photography in general), and flyers all in photoshop. Here is some of my work.
  9. L

    Collaborate 2 logos into one

    Hi, Had a logo designed a while back by Confestium, cant seem to be able to get hold of him. Looking for some ideas on collaborating the attached 2 logos Company name is Eco Logic, we are an energy brokerage based in the north of england Regards,
  10. H

    Please I need this logo

    Can someone make this logo that I draw
  11. A

    Logo gamer clan

    Hi, i recently meet i guy who need a logo for his gamer clan, i explain to him that i am not and expert on making logos, i just start to learn illustrator on my own, but he didn't care so i tried... he wanted the name of the clan and the colors black and red, no more info XD I did this, as i...
  12. P

    Need 6 logos converted to vector format for vehicle wrap

    Hello everyone, I am in a pinch and need to get a few logo's converted to vector for use in a vehicle wrap for our company truck. We are a small veteran owned business in Alaska and we will be bringing a few wounded vets out hunting this year. We are in the process of getting our truck...
  13. M

    how to do this paint affect

    I recently saw this online and i would like to know how to make this affect for my own logos and other projects?
  14. I

    How do you go about designing logos?

    Can someone tell me what the key tools for making logos would be? Could you share the basic steps or give me a link to a great tutorial?
  15. B

    My logos NEED HELP!!!

    Hello, i am trying to create a logo that i can submit to my athletics department.i have never used photoshop but i tinkered around with my drawing on it and did the best i could do to get a pretty good idea of what i want. but i am still not satisfied. i need the following on these logos...
  16. agentmoeller

    couple recent logos.....

    ...for local organizations. Blurred the names so there's no "advertising."
  17. W

    Batch Automation Batch replacing Smart Objects

    Hi, everybody. I'm all new around here, but please allow me to skip the introduction and get right down to business. This is the deal - I need to create, and have done it with some minor success so far, a script in Photoshop which lays out vector logos onto pictures of clothing, in order to...
  18. D2AP

    Custom Logos | Photoshop Tutorial

    This tutorial is covering making custom logos using normal text in Photoshop. This tutorial is informative and easy to follow. Enjoy!
  19. R

    In need of serious help with my logos

    Hi, im new to here and have very limited skills on Photoshop:rolleyes: ive been playing around with some of my logos heres what ive got for both my logos after alot of time:banghead: wanted to do the same with the one on the right but couldn't figure out how to would only mask the racing part...
  20. agentmoeller

    again with the logos...

    Saw the facebook logo online and thought it needed some messin' with.