how to create this?

100's ways to do this. Main thing you need for this are the PS Brushes and desired fonts.
I would lay these out in 5-7 layers, and use some filters.
Practice, Practice, Practice, because the only shortcuts are Hot-Keys.
All you need is to find an image similar to this 1

adjust the brightness slighly and use a clipping mask with the square shapes the letters are on.

you then get the brushes available in many places of the web look up sparkle, twinkle and light brushes. you have some similar 1s in the standard photoshop library.
On a new layer paint using the brushes in a slightly creamy white the light shapes and the bokah halftone brushes and add an outer glow and inner glow to that layers blending style that is of a gold looking colour.
FCZ, bottom line your a beginner... I suggest tutorials, has some good Glam/Glitter tutorials.
No one on this forum can explain how to do this better than you actually going through some tutorials on your own.