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  1. S

    NEWBIE: Seeking help with creating a certain type of effect

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so hoping it's okay to post this kind of request here. I'm working on a project and I want to create an image thats kind of "cartoony"... The image I have attached is exactly what I am trying to create in terms of the effects.... the background is very high...
  2. H

    Kung Fu Kenny T Shirt "DAMN." to "BETA."

    The font in the picture is Friz Quadrata OS Bold. However, I do not know how to create the pattern inside. Can someone help me out? I want the "DAMN." to be "BETA." Transparent background would be lovely. Thank you!!
  3. H

    How to create Spindrift?

    Hi all. First of I apologize for not making a new thread on the new members forums, i'm in a bit of a hurry. I'm looking to create the weather effect called Spindrift: But I literally can't find any Photoshop information on it at all. I need it to edit an image I've been planning on making...
  4. N

    Need Assistance

    Looking for some one to help me create the outline stencil of the bottle alone similar or exactly the same to this Thank you for the help in advance.
  5. L

    What technique is this and how can I recreate it

    Hi, I coach my son's little league team and last year made posters form all the kids. They loved it. This year however, I'd like to up the game a little and wanted to create something like this...? What is the technique called and maybe how i could go about doing it with pictures of the...
  6. C

    Need edit with pictures!

    so i have a friend that is asking for some Photoshop magic on a picture. i said i know this site that can help and he left me to deal with all that jazz. so i have 2 pictures here : the second one is of my friend. he would like to transfer the jersey onto the bear and also get the bear to be...
  7. V

    How to create 3d button press???

    I am building a game, and I need an interface similar to the following. If anyone is kind, please give me a video tutorial. I do not want to infringe copyright, so I will create beautiful products but not duplicate. So I need to learn what kind of instructions to do, please send me a comment...
  8. Na11

    How can I replicate this brush-like soft-lightish pastel/shifting colours effect?

    The icons seems to have that effect in the title. How can I create something like it or at least slightly similar? This:
  9. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Art Deco Poster

    I always admired the extreme perspective angles of some poster artists from the 1930s. This style was unique, and the dynamic effect is unrivaled to this day. Nevertheless, I have tried to create a poster in this style.I have deliberately not used textures to achieve the desired graphical effect.
  10. S

    Which program to use to create psychedelic footage? something like this?
  11. S

    Candy Effects

    Can someone help me create these effects like the candy in the photo please thanks
  12. J

    Hello Jeff here I'm new

    Hello, I just started commenting on this forum and love helping people out. If you have any questions with how to do something I am glad to be of an assistance. I create logos, composites, photo retouching(as well as photography in general), and flyers all in photoshop. Here is some of my work.
  13. Na11


    I joined here a while ago but I guess I didn't formally introduce myself? I'm a 14 year old girl, I'll just switched from Gimp (Which I still use from time to time) to Photoshop CS6 extended and CS2. I'm still a total noob and I don't really know much so I have tons of questions. For some more...
  14. J

    How to create coloring book pages from photos

    Hi, I'm trying to create coloring book pages from photos. There seems to be a general technique online where a photo is copied, inverted, desaturated with a mode set to color dodge, then a Gaussian blur is applied. I've seen other techniques just by applying a sketch or photocopy filter...
  15. U

    How to make picture fading away ?

    Hello folks. Today I wanted to create a picture for Burzum album. And I was about to look like this: Buut, I wanted to put some fading effects just like in this picture: Can you recognize those fading effects like raining or so... ? Well, I wanted to ask you exactly that. How to...
  16. U

    How to create twisted text effects?

    Hey guys, I really want to apply some cool effects to my text to create something more interesting like these: Do you have any idea\ tutorial \ guide? Thanks! :thumbsup:
  17. A

    Light Bulb

    Hi! Can someone tell me how to create this light bulb.
  18. S

    Wordpress & Bootstrap Free Tutorials

    Hi Guys, I figure you all know everything else, so it stands to reason you'll be able to help me with this! :lol: I want to learn how to create my own themes in Wordpress, and I've also read about (and separately been recommended) using the Bootstrap framework to do so. Now, I do have I would...
  19. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography 4M @ See

    This is an experiment to create my own made sea in 3D and make it interact with another 3D object. Except the lamps (3D object from Archive 3D) everything is made in PS 3D. The extra waves, water spatter and clouds are brushes. It's an experiment and I'll have to fine tune the method! Here's...
  20. Q

    question about GIF file

    Hi, i would like to create a flash file like this, please advise. Thanks