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Could someone add a background to this logo for me?


I have managed to create a black and white silhouette of the fighting leprechauns as i want them. I then saw that the space between them almost appears like a shamrock, if the fists were to form the top etc. I would really like the empty section filled as a shamrock and I have included two shamrocks I would like to see as the centre piece. If i could see them both it would be great, or you could create your own shamrock in the centre. So long as it looks all connected that would be great. I was trying to get the middle section joined up, and have the Celtic bands on it. I have attached my basic version as an idea of what i was going for. I had no clue how to layer the design however.


  • fighting irish blackoutshameire.gif
    fighting irish blackoutshameire.gif
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  • shamrock-black-white-free-vector-2777.jpg
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  • fissst.jpg
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  • fighting irish blackoutshameirejoined.gif
    fighting irish blackoutshameirejoined.gif
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