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  1. E

    Screen effect on CMYK

    i made a lens flare effect on black layer and choose screen effect but it doesnt work well on CMYK file as it works great on RGB. any other ways to do this?
  2. Roberts1010

    Take out cars

    Can anyone take the cars out of this photo, the satellite dish, and make the sky bluer? I know that's a lot but if I only get the cars out that'd be super great!!!! I put it on here two ways, unsure of which way will work better. THANK YOU!!!!!!
  3. S

    Photoshop request

    Hi Guys. Had every intention of learning how to do this myself, but i am to slow at picking things up. Could someone possibly take me off of this couch and stick me on the Naughty Step a few steps up would be great.
  4. K

    Vlog title images

    Can someone please help me make these pictures see through as well as more professional and modern? I am looking to have the same font as Rogue fitness equipment has and make them look awesome for my Vlogs for youtube at the beginning and be a great T-shirt. Any suggestions would be great...
  5. M

    Hi from North Carolina

    Hey my name is Melissa im from Wilmington NC.. I love seeing the amazing jobs done on photoshopped pictures also am hoping to get help with several pictures I would liked fixed either by editing my own or someone being nice enough to help me out Hope everyone is having a great day
  6. C

    Graffiti request with sportscar

    Hi all! I just took a photoshoot with my car in my city (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Normally this place is great for a shoot because there is some nice graffiti on the walls. Unfortunately the walls are very boring today :confused: So I have an idea!! Can someone create some nice graffiti...
  7. S

    Beach fix

    Could someone please remove the lady ahead and to the left of the three of us? And then, please remove the writing on my daughter's purple tank top, leaving it all purple? It would be great if you could remove the writing from the reflection as well? Thanks!
  8. O

    Could someone add a background to this logo for me?

    I have managed to create a black and white silhouette of the fighting leprechauns as i want them. I then saw that the space between them almost appears like a shamrock, if the fists were to form the top etc. I would really like the empty section filled as a shamrock and I have included two...
  9. A

    Hello !!

    Hello everyone, I'm here because I just finished my Photoshop course but I still want to learn and stay updated, but most important find a good community of people who likes this great software. I also want help with the requests, send it to me :D
  10. S

    can someone remove the lady walking by? thank you

    If anyone can help, that would be great
  11. B

    Requesting help with changing a frown to a smile

    I look pretty angry in this photo but I still like it of me, so if it's possible to change my expression to a teeth-smile or at least just a closed-mouth smile, that would be great. Also, not sure if I'm embedding this correctly but if not I'll provide a link as well. Thanks in advance...
  12. W

    new member

    hi everyone, i am new on here, i use photoshop a bit but not loads, dont use it for photos really just for printing designs and being a bit creative touching old things up etc. i am having a print issue and will discuss it in another thread looks like a great forum :)
  13. H

    Hello new to the scene

    Hello everyone, I am very interested in learning about photoshop and may be working towards taking classes for it in the future. I have been messing around here and there on my own but I will honestly say i'm not that good at it at all, but again am hoping to get better. It is great to meet...
  14. S

    Can someone juxtapose this object over the background

    Hello friends, Could you place this performing arts center over the actors in the other background? If there's any way to enlarge the theater so it can be identified more clearly would be great!
  15. L

    Opinion wanted and some help requested !!

    Hi all I'm quiet new to the photoshop scene but 'tootling' along :D Here's some of my work (with before and after) 1: a simple mess about practise with colouring in B&W 2: My Great-grandfather, a Royal Artillery soldier from WW1 before and after I repaired and colored 3:The above...
  16. gedstar

    3D And sometimes it goes pear shaped

    This is what I was suppose to end up with and here's my result It's going to be a long night :bustagut: One thing that would be great in Blender if there was a history panel like PS It's very confusing to find out where you went wrong, still lots to learn :thumbsup:
  17. justvisuals

    Hi, i am justvisuals

    Hello! I am an expert Photoshop editor and image retoucher with 5 years of experience. I Love any form of PHOTOSHOP and I do my work with great passion and dedication. :) Thanks!!
  18. P

    new here

    Hi, I am a long time user of ps. I had some great metallic styles that were lost when my hard drive crashed and I'm looking for replacement ones that are great with thin fonts. That brought me here.
  19. M

    Maria from NYC

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and hope to meet some great people who share the same passion for photography. - Maria
  20. O

    request for photoshop: replace middle airplane in formation replaced by the 747

    Hi everybody, I have another request if possible! as (another) present to a collegue who is retiring i would like to have the 747 (right picture) fitted instead of the big airplane in the middle of the first picture. Would be great if someone has the time to do that! Thanks a lot...