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  1. C

    Making gif from avi

    I just received CS2, today. I'm trying to load an avi to make a gif, but I can't figure out how to open the video file. I tried researching a little but the options the instructions said to use aren't in my program. Another problem I am having is that I am trying to rotate a gif, I got the...
  2. M

    hello from FL

    great forums, im really glad i found this, my name is mike!
  3. P

    Need help with Infamous: Second Son effect

    Hey guys! I just got back into photoshop and I am a little rusty, and wondered if anyone could help me with these effects :) Edit: Do any of you guys know how to make the blue and pink lines? been struggling for a while now :s
  4. P

    Great Music and Great Paintings together

    Here I made this video: it's some kind of tribute to these two great artist. One of my most favorite composers Erik Satie and one of my most favorite painters J.A.Grimshaw.
  5. BCkjn

    Great site

    Hi all from south LA. Stopped by here last night picking up a few tips (Photoshop novice) and found one of the best Photoshop sites out there. Couldn't pass up a good thing. I've seen some great looking stuff here and liked what I saw in the help offered. I'm sure it is greatly appreciated to...
  6. Hoogle

    I took what I think is a great picture today what do you think

    I have edited it slightly obviously as it is selective colouring but the original is just as great in my eyes
  7. SeniorS

    "This is a great post! Thank You very much!"

    I have afterthoughts about those spam bots. Yes they distract attention sometimes. Their signatures contains unallowed advertisment. But the message itself... Lets left those bots without "job". Lets say to each other: This is a great post! Thank You very much!