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  1. Jerry D

    CD covers

    I'm so bored! Nothing on TV, the weather is crappy, holidays are over. It's either clean house or play at Ps. Guess which I'm doing? So I thougt I'd post some old CD covers I've done, just to see what you think about them. They're not great but why not? Here's the first one...
  2. fredfish

    Happy 2017 to all

    Have a great 2017 !! - Click image for full effect :thumbsup: Cheers John
  3. S

    Hi. Can somebody change the background?

    I think i look good in this photo but i want an ivy covered wall as the background. It'd be really great if somebody could change it for me. Thanks
  4. 3

    Hello from me to you

    Hi guys and gals, my name is Adam. I'm not new to Photoshop, I've been using it for years. It's my favourite (re)creation(al) program. I'm relatively knowledgeable and will help any way I can. That's not to say I know everything and, am currently having great fun/headaches learning the various...
  5. I

    Where to download PSD album templates 3x30

    Hello, i created some templates in photoshop, all with layers, but i want to now if someone knows a site where i can download some. i already created 20 because that's all i need for an wedding album. but maybe i can find some great ones on the web also or maybe you have some done by yourself? ?
  6. M

    Can somebody please achieve this effect with different letters?

    Hi! I want to achieve this 3d effect of the letters (as if inside a cube), but using IOL instead of ILC. Can someone do this please? If you could tell me how you did it, would be great!
  7. W

    Rugby Zombie Scene

    I'd love to see this photo of my friend reimagined as a scene where he is running through a horde of zombies. Doesn't have to be great quality, would just love to see someone's take on it. Thank you
  8. H


    Hi, I have been using PS for many years and would like to learn how to utilize some of the more recent revisions and get help with issues that arise. Look forward to a great relationship Harris
  9. ZeroCool22

    Great web with high quality photoshop works. it's more humoristic a like, but there are great quality works, also some tutorials and contests.
  10. S


    Hello =) First time using photoshopgurus =) Love the concept of this community! I took this picture last year in Tahiti and absolutely love it, would now like to print it a large format and use it for my startup's marketing. Could someone please improve this for me - not a great photgrapher...
  11. B

    Effect Help

    What is the best way to pull off this effect that is on Texas where it almost looks disengrating...Im not sure of how to say this effect? Also how do i pull off the effect on the red background with the blocks? any kind of help would be great... thanks, Boomer
  12. J

    Hello there

    Hi, This is newbie here, Hope this forum is a great medium to share ideas..
  13. U

    Photo light/exposure correction

    Gents. Can you do an edit on this for me please. I am great with other aspects of photoshop but not photo correction lol. Looking for a Blue sky, green grass and to remove the over exposure and color correction. Cheers Ben
  14. S


    Hi, my name is Shady. I've used Photoshop many times in the past for fun, but I am trying to take some time now to really learn it, and I am excited to be a part of this community. I am sure it will be a great help!
  15. Paul

    Making america great again.

  16. G

    Gradient Dots

    Hi All, I am trying to create a print...I need the dots to be tight at the top and then spread out further and further down the document. Please see image. I have had the best go at it myself but it ends up looking like 3 blocks. If someone can make the dots look like a gradient that will...
  17. agentmoeller

    Great new hat....

    ...just in time for the election!
  18. Paul

    Happy Birthday Gedstar

    Have a great day mate:clap:
  19. Paul

    Making hair POP or give realistic colour change

    Great tut you can work on in real time.
  20. Steve

    We have a new Moderator

    I am very pleased to announce that today we have a new Moderator. Gedstar has agreed to join the team and help us keep PSG great forum that it is. Thanks Gedstar :thumbsup: :clap::happy: