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  1. Paul

    Little Island just off the coast

    Spent a few days over at Rottnest, great place.
  2. C

    Newbie to this Forum!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time here and I already find this site very interesting. Great topics around while I browse. I appreciate being here just like the others. Have a very good day to all!:)
  3. M

    hi new member from uk

    hi everyone I am hoping to get some great advice and looking to learn
  4. chrisdesign

    The Green Island

    What is this? - Extraterrestrials visiting - Judgement Day - Last refuge for rich people - Disneyworld in 2048 after the great drought What are your thoughts about this image? Please do comment.
  5. Z

    Hello newbie here.

    Hi, I just joined today and I don't have much to say. The reason I came to this website is to learn, that is all. have a great day.
  6. R

    hello all!

    hi all complete newbie, learning by youtube tutorials! love what i have learned so far, but so much more to learn and hoping for some great experience and learning through the professionals here.
  7. D

    Need help editing speckles... I think

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, but have been messing around with PS for years. Never really got into all the abilities of PS until now, as I'm taking photo editing serious. Right now, as I save up for a nice camera, I have a 16mp camera on my phone. It takes great pics where there is a lot of light...
  8. gautamz07

    wanted help in identifying font

    guys what is the font on the logo ? the blue font i mean :) can somebody tell me ? , also whats a great font detecting tool ? any ideas ? Thank you. Gautam.
  9. IamSam

    Using modifier keys in Photoshop - Stephen Petrany

    Here is a great video by Stephen Petrany
  10. Tom Mann

    Gone fishin' (...hiking, actually)

    Headed south last weekend, meeting up with some friends and heading north next weekend. Should be around during the week. The only camera I brought was the one in my iPhone cuz it also has all my topo maps, GPS, and serves as an emergency communications device -- what a great invention! Tom M
  11. E

    [How to Make Hipster Rapunzel?]

    how to make hipster rapunzel I've seen them all over the net and wanna to know how to make one myself here is a en example of one I've tired doing it but I've failed if anyone can help me that would be great
  12. R

    Problem here!

    Hi I am new to this and the question is who to do this in photoshop? (see attach) Any help would be great. Regard Robert
  13. D

    Hello Everyone !

    I just wanted to say Hello to everyone. I think the forum looks Great. Chris
  14. C

    Need help with twisting/distorting picture.

    Im looking for some quick help with twisting the image. I tried to warp the picture on my own but it did not workout at all. If you could help that would be great.
  15. S

    Hello !

    Hello! I'm starting to study Photoshop and I was looking for a forum to help me, I found Photoshop Gurus and looks great. Thanks for let me in.
  16. MikeMc

    Sharpening with Topaz.....DeNoise

    Very informative video and technique. The idea is from a 17 year old.....WOW this is a great tool...for high ISO images...
  17. Paul

    Basics to achieve great photographs

  18. chrisdesign

    Retouching Challenge: Make this young woman 40 years older.

    Aging a person with Photoshop can be tricky job, but it's also great fun to do it. Just try it out and post your work here. Click to enlarge this image and use this size for your work. Source:
  19. M

    Hi all

    I just ran across this forum - looks great! Looking forward to learning and contributing.
  20. D

    Creating a two tone background

    hi all. bit of a newbie here making my way into the business. trying to find a tutorial to help me design the background as shown... where the inlaid design blends from light to dark. Any help would be great! Thanks :)