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"Painted" Effect


Anyone know how to get the subtle painted effect this photographer is using on his photos:


We use the same modifier and a very similar camera system (I'm 5DMKIII and he's D800). I've set up the light every which way at every different intensity so I'm pretty sure this is something happening in post. Below are samples of my shots out of camera and the best I'm able to come with after post processing (still no paint look). Thanks ahead for any insight.

Out of camera:


Post processing:


Please explain "painted" for us and do you have any before and after shots from the photographer?

As I mentioned in one of your other inquiries, these are professional photos taken in a studio. There's simply no way of knowing the conditions, lighting, camera settings, lenses, etc., much less trying to guess at what the original artist did in post. It's simply a guessing game. There's far too many variables and potential possibilities. It's difficult to just look at an image and tell what was done, especially without the original photos before they were altered.

I find, as a general rule, anything we may suggest will be unsatisfactory for the members asking these kinds of questions.

Again, I genuinely and sincerely suggest you contact the original artist Luke Fontana and ask. Why not go straight to the source and stop trying to guess?
I'm not sure I can explain much better but will try. There's a creamy/milky/cohesive quality to the image that makes it look subtly painted as opposed to the more brittle digital image I posted. And sadly no, there are no unedited versions of the original images available.

You can see more of the painted look here: www.lukefontanaphoto.com. Most folks look at the shots and assume they came out of camera that way, but after working with the same/similar equipment I attest that some post-processing tricks are at play. Hoping for a real PS wizard who can help me troubleshoot as I imagine there are several factors/effects involved.
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Hey Sam,

I have asked him. He's very tight lipped about his work.

I understand your point about the various factors at play. I have, however, isolated most of the variables based on things he has shared with me: camera, lens, light, modifier, backdrop (grey seamless) used. I know his lighting set up is a one light set up shot out of a 39" softbox with an elinchrom strobe. Its really very basic in terms of the studio and the shot - what I'm looking for here is a more specific recognition/expertise of the effect achieved in post (the variable that seems to be separating the images I posted above). Its an often achieved effect in portrait photography and imagine, for those who can identify it, something relatively straightforward to explain.
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Please understand that I really want you to find an answer! I can tell you that it's never relatively straight forward. This may be a question for a group or forum that's specifically dedicated to Photography.

I hope one of our members can help you out. Good luck!