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  1. S

    How to erase background of phone case mockup but keeping camera and volume buttons

    Hi, The basic idea is to just erase the background of phone cover but retaining the camera selection and other buttons (point as arrows), so that i could be able to insert multiple pictures and save them. please guide me from start to end and step by step how to achieve this. I am using PS CS6...
  2. MariaT

    Improve image quality/sharpness

    Hi all Is it possible to improve the quality of this pic (taken on a low res camera)? I want the blurness out and it more clearer and sharper. thanks in advance x
  3. M

    Can anyone remove an object from my photo?

    Hi! I was wonder if anyone could remove my left forearm/hand and the camera from my picture? Thanks a bunch!!!
  4. D

    "Painted" Effect

    Anyone know how to get the subtle painted effect this photographer is using on his photos: We use the same modifier and a very similar camera system (I'm 5DMKIII and he's D800). I've set up the light every which way at every different intensity so I'm pretty sure this is something happening...
  5. W

    Auto-Blend undoes Auto-Align

    I am using a new camera (Canon eos 70D) and now I cannot get my images to auto-blend. When I open a photo it tells me I need to update its color profile but I didn't think that would cause an issue. I am doing everything I did on my last camera (Canon T2i) but when images auto-blend they aren't...
  6. M

    can you guys change the camera to a fork

    hey, can you guys change the camera to a fork thnx
  7. nubians

    Hello from Dublin.

    Hey, I'm Nigel and I live in Ireland. I began my interest in photography (nature landscapes, album art, architecture, human faces) a few years ago through browsing Flickr and other sites. Saving up to by my own Nikon camera but currently want to learn how to use photoshop in the summer. That's...
  8. O

    Hi I'm Oliver.

    Hello, my name is Oliver. Camera gear was stolen 5 years ago, just got back into photography and got a new camera. I used to shoot a lot of 35mm, maybe thats why I had never been a fan of Post, but I've come around and just bought PS and LR. I live in East Texas (Tyler), and I am currently...
  9. M

    Anyone know about Snapbridge?

    So where I live out in the wilds I can't get a mobile phone signal. I am assuming this is the reason I can't pair my camera with my phone to start Snapbridge? Somehow I thought it may work through the wi-fi?
  10. M

    Total newb

    Hello all - just new on the forum today and had so much great advice. I use photos for my virtual shop and decided to go for it with photoshop and had some shaky moments of frustration - so glad I found you all. New spiffy camera coming soon so I will no doubt be on here a lot for advice...
  11. N

    Can't update Camera RAW

    I know this is super common question and problem but all the solutions I see offered either do not apply or don't fix my issue. I used to be a regular photographer and Photoshop user but I stepped away from it for a couple of years. I sold my camera equipment and have not opened my PS for a long...
  12. S

    Help with Xmas photo....

    Hi, Could someone edit this photo to get the light reflection marks out? It's the only picture that I have of both of them in the same place and looking at the camera....not easy with a 1 year old. Your help is appreciated! Thanks!
  13. B

    Activation/Upgrade Help

    I use Photoshop CS6. The other day I had to get a new computer, I cloned the old drive to a new one in the new computer. PS opened fine but when I went to use Bridge and open images in Camera Raw there was a message that said I had to open photoshop before Camera Raw would work. I opened images...
  14. D

    Camera Raw vs. Windows Photo Viewer vs. Canon display

    Hi Guys, got soemthing weired going on and can't figure out whats wrong. If i check the raw images I just took with my canon in Windows Photo viewer the look exactly like they look on the tiny display of the camera. In Camera Raw however they look sarker and more desaturated. I don't know what...
  15. C

    Can anyone add lens blur on my pic?

    pls can someone add lens blur filter like taken from a dslr camera? any other tweaks welcomed. cheers :D
  16. P

    Can someone please fix so both girls are looking at the camera please ;)

    I was hoping someone could help me and fix one of these photos so both girls are looking at the camera together... please ;) Thank you
  17. B

    How to easily remove tourists from your travel photos?

    Step 1 - Set your camera on tripod. Step 2 - Take a picture about every 10 seconds until you have 15 or more shots. Step 3 - Open all images in photoshop by going to File>Scripts>Statistics. Choose "median" and select the photos you shot with your camera. Step 4 - Photoshop finds what is...
  18. L

    PS:CS 6 - Darkening a white area in my layer

    Hello, I have been trying to do something that you'd think would be relatively simple. Unfortunately I must be stupid cause despite countless googles and hours of work, I did not manage to get the desired result. I have a layer, where there's a lot of white and a purpleish border. I want...
  19. D

    Revealing crime suspect's motor vehicle number/registration plate

    Our business (mechanic workshop, regional Australia) was recently broken into, so we decided to install a security camera at the rear of the premises. Sure enough, around 4.30am one morning, a car was recorded entering the premises. Despite image quality being on the highest setting, the...
  20. J

    Over-saturated images in Camera Raw/Photoshop/Lightroom

    Hi, all, I have ran into a problem today that I've never encountered before. Images look just right on my camera and in my photo viewer on my PC, but in any editing programs I use, I get this gnarly over-saturation. I attached two images here: one of the picture on my computer's photo viewer...