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  1. Paul

    3D camera

    Thinking of buying one of these puppies, what do you guys think?:)
  2. C

    Photoshop and camera raw

    I am running CS5 extended. When I drag and drop an image the Camera Raw window pops up. I have searched through Preferrences and the Web but cannot find a a way to turn it off. Any help will be appreciated. Charlie
  3. Z

    really notorious noise in my camera?

    yeah i'm starting to get that little bit miffed with the noise in my camera, even at low ISO all i get is noise and overexposure when in all honesty i don't think I'm doing anything wrong, the picture on the screen looks perfect but in on the PC i get a big noisy mess. i think i'd get a bit...
  4. JustinR

    After Effects After effects camera problem

    So I am creating typography for one song, I have two composition with text layers. I make my text layers and compositions 3D, change z location of each of them. And here comes the problem when I use 'Orbit Camera tool' (one of camera rotation tools). It just don't work, I can't rotate around...
  5. B

    Minibridge opening files in Camera Raw first.

    Hey all, just a quick one. When I double click on jpegs or digital negatives in Minibridge, it always opens them up in Camera Raw first, which I'd rather it didn't do. I'm guessing this just needs a quick preference change but can't seem to find it. When I look in the preferences in Bridge...
  6. U

    Removing Camera Shine

    Is there a quicker way to remove camera shine? I have to individually do several pictures. I was hoping there was a way to batch edit several photos at once. I tried the ShineOff photoshop extension and it doesn't work that well in my opinion.
  7. S

    "Masking" in Camera Raw

    Hi - Would someone please tell me what the "Masking" adjustment does within Camera Raw's (I have 4.6) Sharpening section? With the image at high magnification and moving the slider to extremes, I am not seeing any changes to my image. Thank you.