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  1. Paul

    What's in the junk box/draw?

    This is the little side draw to my computer desk, full of bits and bobs most of it if not all of it never used maybe the camera. Do you have such a space full of trinkets :mrgreen:
  2. Tom Mann

    Gone fishin' (...hiking, actually)

    Headed south last weekend, meeting up with some friends and heading north next weekend. Should be around during the week. The only camera I brought was the one in my iPhone cuz it also has all my topo maps, GPS, and serves as an emergency communications device -- what a great invention! Tom M
  3. Paul

    Kids bike

    The kids have had new bikes, so i got my camera out:mrgreen:
  4. C

    Cannot access Camera Raw Gradient Filter Brush function

    Thank you for taking my question. I have Photoshop CS6 and the most updated version of everything. As I understand it - perhaps mistakenly - Camera Raw has introduced a brush tool function within the gradient filter. However my Camera Raw shows no such addition. I've spent quite a bit of time...
  5. hershy314

    New Camera

    I'm thinking of upgrading to a Canon Rebel XTi (yes I know it's still old). I'm just not sure if it would be a good buy or not. I would be getting a 35-80MM F/4-5.6 LENS for it. Reason I'm considering this one is I like the design of it better than my current Olympus E-300 and I think Canon...
  6. F

    Missing "Snapshots" tab from Camera Raw in Photoshop

    I'm using Adobe Photoshop CC with Camera Raw For some reason I have no "Snapshots" tab available in Camera Raw. It's there in Lightroom (with Camera Raw 8.5) and it works fine, just not in PS. What gives? By the way I can't upgrade Camera Raw because it's a work computer. I can't...
  7. Igrecman


    Basically they are done by having a light (LED) swing on a string while the camera is on the floor pointing up and in long exposure mode. Of course in total darkness. It's lots of fun to make. I've tried multiple passes, filters and even having the camera on a turntable and a blinking LED...
  8. hershy314

    Anyone have this problem?

    Past couple days I've just been shooting random stuff, trying to get a better feel for my camera. When I upload the photos to my computer a lot of them turn out blury, but when I take the pic I don't feel like I'm shaking or moving the camera to cause this. Other photos seem to be fine. I try to...
  9. Paul

    Random images you have taken.

    The idea is for you to post images you have taken yourself, from your camera or phone no matter of the quality, just random off the cuff images that you just grabbed. As usual the bird turned away from the camera and decided to walk into shaded area and not turn around again lol.
  10. inkpad.t

    Dslr camera

    At last i have my hands on a DSLR camera with manual operations.... it's a CANON EOS 20D.... No idea how to use it yet but so pleased its a step up from the little point and shoot... it has a lens with it.. don't know what it is just yet... not relay had time to play around with it all.... BUT...
  11. hershy314

    New Camera

    Finally able to get a new camera so I'm not having to use my phone as much. I'm looking at this one but I'm unsure what lens to get. I think this one will work...
  12. F

    Dog splash

    For a few years now, swimming pools in the Netherlands organize a "dog splash" at the end of the season; They stop adding chlorine to the pool and then one day you can go with your dog. Next day pool is emptied and bye bye until Easter. I love doing this, especially since my cocker loves diving...
  13. T

    Help PLEASE with setting up my Camera to take better pictures.

    Hello To All, I was just wondering if I can maybe get a little help with setting up my camera to take pictures of a high school Volleyball team. As some of you may know or not that high schools sports a lot of the time are on there own as far as raising money for there sport. So last year I...
  14. B

    3D Canon Lens (model)

    Made in Maya. Used PS to add lens flare, text and a filter. Let me know what you think.
  15. T

    Need help on canon powershot digital camera.

    I have canon powershot digital camera with which i had taken pictures on Christmas day. When i connected the memory card of canon camera to my computer it says i need to format the memory card before using it? So i formatted it then i saw there were no photos in the card. I have also ticked on...
  16. N

    Scanned images or pics taken from camera?

    guys i m trying to make a project for which i need some images and most of the images which i got was not on web so i took the images from magazines or dresses but I am not sure when i will print it will it be of good quality ? Or should I scan it?
  17. B

    Can not open RAW images from Canon G6 digital camera

    Hello, :) Windows 7 (64 bit) Q6600 Intel 2.4 Quad / 8 GB DDR2 RAM I have a G6 Canon digital camera that I primarily shoot JPG images with, and wanted to experiment with raw images. I took about 15 RAW images the other day with this camera and tried to open up. I went to canon and...
  18. rcat

    Before and after Camera Raw file. 2 versions

    File if anyone is interested was from Original file first , then my attempt using Camera Raw. Am I on the right track? How would you go about improving the scene? I think I've brought out some details and improved the colour, but what else do I need to focus on? Any pointers on...
  19. SeniorS

    Create Camera Raw droplet?

    Hello! I'm trying to create droplet to open image in Camera Raw. (I don't want to set preferences to open every file in it automaticly.) Open As works of course but main idea for is to put that droplet in context (or how it correct to write) menu so i can click right mouse button and choose...
  20. Z

    little guy (my camera)

    just generally having fun with liquify and shapes, feel free to leave comments and guides as to how to make it lifelike in January, this little guy will be retired but not thrown away :) i loved it, i have a tendency to personify things i love so do excuse me.