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Revealing crime suspect's motor vehicle number/registration plate

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Our business (mechanic workshop, regional Australia) was recently broken into, so we decided to install a security camera at the rear of the premises. Sure enough, around 4.30am one morning, a car was recorded entering the premises. Despite image quality being on the highest setting, the infrared failed to reveal the vehicle's number plate (we should probably also have installed a security light, which we're now in the process of doing, so we don't really blame the camera).

Few points:
- Camera records to SD card
- For some reason the accompanying video has somehow become corrupted and has proven irretrievable
- The car is believed to be a dark-coloured VE Holden Commodore

TL;DR: We're hoping someone may be able to reveal the number plate in the photographs, using whatever means possible.


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Went into this with modest expectations and suspected that may have been the case. Thanks Argos and IamSam, appreciate the effort.

Interesting article IamSam, the articles only speak of images i think, i am not and expert (not even close:biglaff:) but i think the techniques used by police in movies (not sure in real life) applies on video, like in this case and is based on matematic algorithms to recreate faces, maybe using information on every photogram to make the recreation? in this case if all photograms on the video have the same white pixels is imposible for sure, just being curious :cheesygrin:. Hope is understandable :rofl:.
No, I understand your point.

Film/video is indeed frames of images combined to create movement. So we are still talking about the enhancement of a single frame or images.

But that's not to say that certain distorted, dark, etc., images can't be enhanced. Take a look at the abilities of the Amped FIVE software.

But there must be some amount of discernible pixel information for these types of software to work.

I also found some interesting reading in their blog: http://blog.ampedsoftware.com/2014/...rensic-video-enhancement-myth-versus-science/
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