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Over-saturated images in Camera Raw/Photoshop/Lightroom

J PhotoArt

Hi, all, I have ran into a problem today that I've never encountered before. Images look just right on my camera and in my photo viewer on my PC, but in any editing programs I use, I get this gnarly over-saturation. I attached two images here: one of the picture on my computer's photo viewer (which looks correct) and one from camera raw (which is very funky). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can shift the temperature and tint (sliding temperature all the way to the right, and tint most of the way to the left), and it makes the background much better, but the over all color is still off on the whole picture. I can mess around with the tones and saturation/tints/temperatures and probably get it looking very similar to how it should be, but is there a way to stop this from happening from the get-go?


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J PhotoArt - We regularly receive questions of the type that you just asked (eg, my prints or my monitor or my computer at work makes everything look too dark/light/red/etc when using software X, Y, and Z, but not when using software A, B, and C). Unfortunately, there are a surprisingly large number of ways problems like this can arise, the only way to remotely diagnose your problem (i.e., and not just guess at likely problems) is for you to tell us a large number of tedious details about your system and the conditions that produce the problem. It's a long and boring process, but if you are still around and want to go through with this, let us know and we can try to help you.

Start with your camera and tell us make and model, as well as the color management and other relevant settings that you use, eg., sRGB vs Adobe RGB?, JPG vs RAW output, etc. etc. If the problem does not occur with some settings but occurs with others, we need to know this.

From there, move on to describe exactly what hardware this problem occurs on (as well as what hardware or other computers it doesn't occur on), as well as other relevant details such as whether you have hardware calibrated your system; what global color management profile you are using at the time you see this problem, whether you have tried other profiles, or you are just using the system defaults, what OS, etc. etc.

Also, please give the same sort of info for software and your monitor. Statements such as, "...but in any editing program that I use ..." just are not very helpful because there are thousands of possible editing programs that you could be using (including different versions / releases of each) and we have no idea which you have checked.

Anyway, if you are still around and want to pursue this, let us know.


Tom M