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  1. SylkRode

    Diffracting stars in PSCS3

    I've been wanting to re-create a the visual effect used by Sid Sutton to make the Doctor Who title sequences of the 1980's (video: but I can't find anything useful. I'm just looking to do static images, of course, but the motion blur technique creates...
  2. B

    How to copy this photo's effect?

    How could I do to copy a dark filter like this to use on another photo? Thanks
  3. Y

    Letterpress effect in Photoshop or Illustrator?

    Hi all, I was wondering if this letterpress effect was done in Photoshop or Illustrator? I have been unable to recreate it with such fine detail and softness in Photoshop. . Thanks, William
  4. K

    What do you call this effect and how do I recreate it?

    Good evening photoshop family. I am trying to make a similar invitation and I like the washed out/worn effect on the stripes how can I recreate that? Thank you for your assistance.
  5. T

    Two Quick Questions

    Hello everyone, Haven't posted here in awhile, but I have two quick questions. 1. How do you create this faded/burnt out effect in the image below in photoshop? It appears this image was turned into a sketch, then something else was done to give the effect. By the way, the black parts are...
  6. N

    Make a cool text effect

    Hey guys, Can you guys show me how to make this effect? Thank you very much.
  7. L

    Help achieving a certain photo effect

    Hiya everyone, I'm new to this forum. I was hoping I could get some help identifying the technique used to achieve an effect in Photoshop like the ones in these images. They are screenshots from a videogame, the photos I will be editing are screenshots from the same game. Hopefully that doesn't...
  8. M

    Help with Effect

    Hi guys, so, do any of you know how to make this effect here? I have de music sheet already and I want to make some letters with this same effect, can you help me?
  9. J

    how can i achieve this photo effect?

    Dear all, how can i achieve the slashing effect? i try to use brush but can't seems to achieve this slashing effect could anyone show me how to do it ? kindly appreciate it. Here the reference for the picture:
  10. W

    How to add this same effect ?

    How the give the same effect to body ? same color ? Please Guide me
  11. S

    How do I do this?? Ribbed Glass Effect.

    Can anyone help me achieve this effect??
  12. M

    Making Titles Pop More

    Hello, Have what I think may be a simple question, hoping one of you experts may know a trick. I'm trying to make my h1 tag stand out from a background image. Its for a slider so I cant really alter the text, so my only option is to altar the image. Its a white background with dark...
  13. T

    How to do this photo effect?

    Hi there... I new to Photoshop, and i am currently reading and watching alot of photoshop tutorials. But i have not yet come across a tutorial which taught to create an effect similar to the one in the picture i attached. Can anyone guide me to a tutorial or some tips on how to get this effect...
  14. K

    How do I do this text effect?

    Hi, I'm making a banner image and would like my text to look like this: Could someone explain how to do this? Thanks :)
  15. B

    whats this cooli effect is called ??

    Hi Gurus i found these 2 images on google and one is the original image and the other ones is from a web site .I really wonder how this photo manipulation effect is called ? See how they cool made the image as a blt light in color.I would like to know whats thsi effect is called and any tutorial...
  16. Alexandria


    Can anyone tell me how this effect was done: Thanks in advance :wink:
  17. J

    Interested in reproducing effect

    Hello, New to the forum. I am interested in reproducing the effect shown in the attached photo. Do anyone know how this is done? Thanks!
  18. F

    How to create this effect in photoshop

    Hi guys, My name is Bobby, I have good knowledge in Photoshop. for some reason i can not create this effect in Photoshop (see image) It would be great to know how i can create this effect. I know how to create masks and position the layer but was unable to achieve the same effect as shown in...
  19. D

    Looking for help with an effect

    Hi, i am new to Photoshop cc and i am updating my website but i am stuck with an effect that i have seen, i have spent two weeks now on what i first thought was a simple layer blend thing! I was wrong, so i am asking for help even if some one can tel me what the effect is called, here is the...