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PSD layer style: 1px stroke adds 2px



I had quick break while using photoshop, anyways when i got back and done some tutorials, i've realised one thing:

When i made for example rectangle shape, and then add a layer style stroke lets say gray with 1 px, then first of all it adds 1 px lighter shadow color around it, plus in the said example, top and bottom borders have lighter colour then the side ones (the one that i have picked).

I'm not sure if this is working as intended, maybe i activated some weird formatting by mistake, any help is appreciated.
Are you able to take a snapshot or export the image as an example. Perhaps it only looks that way rendered in Photoshop. Please post an example.
here's example, i can't see feather options in shape tool (i can see it in mark tool for example)


im obviously using non english version of psd
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Sorry bout that. You are correct. I was thinking when you make selection then stroke you have the feather option.

Okay, I just duplicated your image somewhat.

I've duplicated more or less what you are doing and all I can say is, the same thing is happening and it is something in the program I imagine. Truly, someone with more tech knowledge will have to jump in or you might want to go directly to Adobe and see if you can find out. They have a forum for more techy stuff.
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I discovered this issue many years ago and as far as I can remember there is nothing you can do about it. For some reason Photoshop is randomly adding some kind of anti-aliasing to any rectangle you draw and no matter what you do, nothing seems to make it go away, even if you snap to guides or a grid. Nobody else in those days had an answer either. It's another example (of many) why Photoshop is terrible for any kind of serious vector work.
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Yes furio, I just completely edited my post because as I played with it, shape tool, pen tool, blah blah, all I got was the same result. So yeah, I agree with you. Illustrator it is Malyo.
Thanks for the effort guys, well i was paying atention to pixel while doing some PSD website layout, not exactly vector work. Thanks again.
Stupid me....I thought I never solved it (it's been a long time ago when I tried to solve this issue), because using a grid didn't fix the problem when I tried it today, so I assumed that it wasn't the solution.

It turns out that it IS the solution.

The reason why I didn't see any difference was because Preferences / Guide, Grid & Slices was set to a Grid Line every inch. You need to set this to pixels, something like 40.

But there is more to this and I didn’t discover this in the past, but only today after doing some experiments. The other issue is subdivisions. The number of pixels divided by the number of subdivisions should result in a round number.

So you solve the issue for example by using 40 pixels and 10 subdivisions, since 40/10 results in 4.

On the other hand, 40 pixels and 6 subdivisions will not solve the issue, because 40/6 = 6,666…

I hope it wasn’t too technical, but this is basically how the workaround works, because I still consider it a bug; we shouldn’t have to do all this to make sure that it always snaps to a pixel.

Happy Photoshopping. ;)