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  1. R

    What font is this called. Struggling to find. Or similar

  2. H

    How to achieve vintage look?

    I'm wondering how I can achieve this vintage T-Shirt look. It seems really simple but I can't figure it out. I'm trying to go for something like this It's like a cartoonish older style design here is the original image. What would the steps be to make something like this?
  3. vc0587

    Specific Photoshop jewel style questions

    Hi. While browsing the graphicriver, I found jewels style2, and I was wondering about Topaz style among these styles. ( ) I wanted to buy only Topaz style. However, when I sent an inquiry email, I was told that I could not purchase...
  4. R

    Specific 3d transparent slass style set required

    Hello, everyone! I'm asking for help in creation of the style set able to transforn simple whitecoloured .png into icon with effect of 3d transparent glass (see examples via links below). This examples are taken from a free icons collection, but i didn't found all of required icons in it, so I...
  5. R

    Icon request

    Hi guys I'm in need of an icon for my youtube channel, I am looking for a creation in this style: so "vaguely" ressembling me in kind of anime style. I would like to add some "Goku super sayan" resemblance to it if possible (maybe super sayan hair ? or whatever you see convenient ^^) I am...
  6. D

    Distorted retro style 3d text

    A style popular in video games of a certain era, how would it be possible to recreate this in photoshop? Preferably without using the 3D tools? Is there a shortcut to getting that kind of depth that changes direction to make the text look like it bends away from you?
  7. E

    Comic style cloud

    how can i draw a comic style cloud like this on photoshop?
  8. A

    How to Achieve this style of color grading for cityscapes?

    I am trying to create this style of cityscape coloring, but so far I am unable to do that, this is by Liam Wong, I really like his work, any ideas about how to achieve this is greatly appreciated.
  9. H

    Change Of Shirt

    Hi All Would it be possible for somebody to change my happy friends shirt to an Arsenal FC one please? Also maybe the lettuce to a football or a comic style bomb? Thanks in advance.......
  10. K

    Colours change

    Hello, can someone please change the background of this photo in black simple and the text with a goldish yellow style maybe something like
  11. B

    Anyone knows the name of the style used in this pic?

    i was wondering if anyone knows the style used in this pic
  12. C

    Looking for photoshop/illustrator artist for music videos

    Hi, I write on behalf of Clear But Complex(CBC), a new EDM musician/producer. This is CBC's latest release: Mod edit: Link not working The art style in this video is the type of art style CBC is looking for. CBC will provide all due credit to the artist. Links to artist page or promotional...
  13. R

    How to "Vector Mask" layer effect such as Outer Glow?

    I want to hide a small part of the outer glow of a text. I tried vector mask but it is not working. Outer glow can pass through the vector mask! I know there are a lot of workarounds such as rasterize the layer before erasing the glow / create layer style / etc. But I don't want that, I want...
  14. M

    Water effects

    Hi guys I've been working on this image for a week or two, and I'm getting a bit stumped with certain elements. particularly some effects with water In my head, I'm imagining water coming the side of the machine and falling waterfall style to the lake below. the problem I have is that either...
  15. L

    Game mod Portrait (part 3)

    I would like this man (Ghazi I of Iraq) in the same style as the previous requests. (No colored pictures of him available)
  16. L

    Game mod portrait

    I would like the man on the right in color and in the style of the men on the left. Thanks in advance.
  17. E

    Comic style background

    hi everyone, i want to to comic style background like the one below but i want all the stripes have equal width. in this one below lighter color stripes are wider than darker ones. how can i do it?
  18. Mindtrickz

    Help with a ''Line stye/effect'' for shadows and highlights

    Hello everyone! I want to achieve an effect in Photoshop and i can't seem to find out what this type of effect or style is called and how to do this. I think this is done in Illustrator, it looks like it anyway but i would like to know if this can be achieved in Photoshop as well. Here is an...
  19. M

    Wedding Cake - Change Colour from Purple to Peach

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to provide a picture to my local bake shop to specify the type and colour of the wedding cake I want. I've founded the style of the cake that I want but the colour is not what I want. I want this style cake but in peach colour (like the one below). Can someone please...
  20. M

    Help with his Instagram look for photos

    Hi, how do you do this instagram style edit for photos?