1. N

    Can you transfer the style? (antique photo)

    Hello! We have many pictures from our ancestors in our house. To surprise our mother, we want to hang a new photo from our brother next to these photos. It would be great if it is possible to transfer the style to one of these pictures. It should have the antique effect and it should look like...
  2. R

    Photoshop question

    Hi guys, As you may have guessed: I am a photoshop newb. Now I have question about a certain cool style I recently saw on a website and I was wondering how you can make this. The style I mean is displayed on the image above. I really like how the transition has been done on the that...
  3. L

    How do I create this effect?

    Hi All, I need to recreate a similar style to the attached... They seem to have a warming / soft focus style to them. Any ideas how this is done, or is it a lens? Thanks Lee
  4. E

    Comic style shapes

    do u know where i can find comic style shapes for custom shape tool?
  5. J

    How to replicate this style

    How do I make another photo look like this one.
  6. M

    Need help replicating a style

    Hi there, I got this image and I have to replicate it with other portraits, I tried with halftones, separating channels, inverting layers...but i couldn't find out how to do it, anyone here can help me, please? I'm a bit desperate! Thanks in advance!
  7. A

    Need help replicating this style

    Hello, I'm trying to replicate this style (Image 1) but all the tutorials online I found so far only got me to this (Image 2) :sad: Image 1 Image 2 (I used some random headshot from Google to practice) The steps I applied on Image 2: 1. Duplicate original image and desaturate 2...
  8. A

    Adapting a portrait photo to a comic style (screenshots included)

    Hey there everyone! After browsing the interwebs I am hoping that you fine experty photoshop ninja masters can help me :cheesygrin: What's this about I am preparing to create an epic photo montage for my best friend's wedding and I'm currently looking at different comic-styles for pics of our...
  9. R

    Help please

    Can anyone please crop the guy on the back and remove the black mark in my face on the right side and also enlarge chest muscle.
  10. Hoogle

    The Youtube/Twitch for Artist

    Check it out if you ever want to watch peoples workflow hey can always do more streamers streaming photoshop, this is flooded with anime style art but it is really for any style of art and it is all live streaming I love it especially as you can do NSFW etc and no copyright strikes for music...
  11. S

    [RQ] Please edit the pic for me!!

    Please edit this picture for mine. Want some edit which makes the picture more attractive like some filters or some powerful effects. You can do anything you want . THE BASIC AIM IS TO MAKE THIS PICTURE MORE ATTRACTIVE AND POWERFUL. Any Help Would Be Great! Thanks!!
  12. M

    REQUEST - Logo Modifcation for Online Community

    Hey All, I'm new here so please excuse me if I've placed this thread in the wrong area. I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me out, I have this Logo here that I wish to be modified and changed. Where the words "TRANS TASMAN" are I wish to have that removed and replaced with...
  13. H

    Anybody here knows how to create this style on PS?

    Hi guys! I'm new here, I'm a fashion designer and I've got a photoshoot coming up in 1 week. I'm not very good with PhotoShop. Hence, I'm here asking for help. Does anybody here knows how to replicate this style on PS? Thanks a lot.
  14. A

    Making a drawing look old..?

    Hey guys, this is my first thread on the forums! I have a drawing that I would like to make look like sort of an old painting from around the 17th century. I have no real idea how to go about with this and I was hoping for some advice :D This is kind of the style I'm going after: And this is...
  15. N

    Actions Help needed !! How to convert a text action to work on a selection

    This may be a little too ambitious for me.. I have various text actions which produce some nice effects on text. Now, is it possible to substitute a SELECTION for the text in this action? Where do I start? I want the final look of the action but I don't want to just use text... This is a...
  16. R

    Any tips on how to achieve this cinematic style from Hobbit?

    Look at this amazing poster from the movie Hobbit - The Battle of Five armies. I love the aesthetic style of it. The skin tones, the clothes, the lighting, the sharpness of it. I am trying for ages to achieve this in my images. I have tried HDR, Shandows/Highlights, High Pass Sharpening, Apply...
  17. M

    How do I make this drawing look like Old textured paper? (DaVinci style)

    Hello, I am quite the newb at photoshop! I wondered if you can help me make this drawing/sketch look like an old textured paper effect; similar in style to Leonardo Da Vinci style drawings. I'll upload a picture of the drawing and an image of the style i'd like to achieve with it. I...
  18. M

    After applying multiply blending mode, bounding box appears in layer style

    Hi, I am new to this form. I applied multiply blending mode to black and white logo to remove the white background but when I tired to add layer style the bounding box is still there. please any help to do that. I do not want to select the back and do masking. there is someway I have seen...
  19. SylkRode

    Kapytal glass tile effect help

    Not really a "newbie," but I'd like a bit of help. A few years ago, I stumbled across a glass tile used as an avatar and I've been wondering how I might go about creating it via a style. I've gotten close using a style from the pack listed below as a starting point, but I'm still not quite...
  20. D

    Photoshop Stitching Style Help Needed Please

    Hey everybody, brand new to here, but it looks great. I used to have this great Photoshop Style, I forget the name, it was a very simple style that allowed me to create a threaded stitching effect. It was several years ago and that Mac has long since died. I can't find it anywhere. I allowed me...