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Need help replicating this style


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I'm trying to replicate this style (Image 1) but all the tutorials online I found so far only got me to this (Image 2) :sad:

Image 1

Image 2
(I used some random headshot from Google to practice)

The steps I applied on Image 2:
1. Duplicate original image and desaturate
2. Duplicate desaturated layer and invert
3. Change inverted layer blend mode to Color Dodge
4. Applied Minimum Filter (Radius 1 pixel)
5. Merge all existing layers into a new one changed blend mode to Multiply to darken the outline

(Basically I copied this tutorial: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-effects/photo-to-sketch/)

I would REALLY appreciate some help on how to get the texture/pattern like in the first image.

Thank you!

Tom Mann

Take a look at this thread:

In it, I gave examples of the results from various commercial sketching plugins. Don't forget that (a) the examples in color can be trivially turned into grayscale; and, (b) when doing these conversions, there usually is a truly dramatic dependence on the preparation and characteristics (eg, pixel dimensions, contrast, etc.) of the starting image, as well as any adjustable parameters the plugin / algorithm / technique offers.

Put differently, in spite of all the promises to the contrary in on-line tutorials, or advertisements, I've never found a one-button-push technique that works well on an arbitrary image without significant sample preparation.

Also, you should take a look at:

1) a very nice stippling plugin:
(I don't own this plugin, but I hear very good things about it).

2) "Engraver" by alpha plugins.com:
(I do own this plugin and can recommend it, abeit, usually for slightly different effects)

3) stochastic halftone simulation techniques/plugins (again, adjusting the parameters carefully)
Probably the cheapest way to simulate this is with VanDerLee's old halftone plugin & a large jitter factor:
I do own it, but I haven't used it for quite a while. Unfortunately, as I recall, this plugin only works under 32 bit PS, not 64 bit, so you will likely have to go back to an older version of PS (and maybe even the OS) to get it to run, and even then, the stochastic screening simulation is only so-so. You can do much better than this, but it won't be as cheap, LOL.


Tom M
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