pencil sketch

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    Combine two photos to one image, two versions wanted ($100 +grat.) or hand draw

    I have two photos I would like combined into one image and made to look like they are pencil sketched. The alternative would be to have someone actually sketch with a pencil the final images I am after and offer a price at which I can purchase your original to be framed and hung, (perhaps...
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    How to make a portrait like this

    How to make a portrait like this, specially the detailing on face i tried with pen tool, but it's a mess to draw entire image with pen tool using a mouse. please any help would be appreciated
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    Need help replicating this style

    Hello, I'm trying to replicate this style (Image 1) but all the tutorials online I found so far only got me to this (Image 2) :sad: Image 1 Image 2 (I used some random headshot from Google to practice) The steps I applied on Image 2: 1. Duplicate original image and desaturate 2...