1. malyo

    PSD layer style: 1px stroke adds 2px

    Hello I had quick break while using photoshop, anyways when i got back and done some tutorials, i've realised one thing: When i made for example rectangle shape, and then add a layer style stroke lets say gray with 1 px, then first of all it adds 1 px lighter shadow color around it, plus...
  2. Hoogle

    Looking for a style of brush

    I use to have a set of brushes that looked nothing like this example but I hope someone gets what I mean from it. They are really designed for ligt sparkle and glare you may get it on shiny text etc will try and find an image on google that shows it off what i mean. if you know where i can find...
  3. Hoogle

    After Effects Anyone want a transformers style intro for youtube

    Ok I have finished this tonight using 3d program and after effects If you would like this changed for a youtube intro I will do it for you tonight whilst my project files are open.
  4. M

    Help with Web Style Documents

    Hello there, I basically make web designs at work which need to be split up into files and need style documents for the web stylists to use, which I can do but it seems like a lengthy process. The problem however is when I go to make a style document for the web stylists I am doing all the...
  5. M

    Can someone make a Obama style hope poster from this image?

    i need this for school.. thanks!
  6. B

    Layer style changes appearance when saving

    Hi, I recently created an file in 72dpi. I only worked with shapes and layer styles, and then decided I want to change the resolution to 300dpi. Since the layers are all vector shapes with styles, everything looked great. That is, until I saved the file... I attached a screen capture...
  7. D

    REQUEST IN minecraft style logo

    Hello can you do for me logo 900x100 EXCSOFT please And MC-WALLHACK like in this theme I will be the happiest man of the world !
  8. Paul

    New style

    Trying this new style out (for me anyway) i like the languidness (word?) the flow and painted wet look, it's not done with one or two differing tools, but many layers of blurs/smudges/liquid movements and more layers. The image is from another thread it's what gave me the idea - sorry if any...
  9. allenrm

    More wallpaper style pics

    Hey all, just thought I'd post a couple more of my wallpapers.
  10. Windows7

    Copied layer style doesn't give the needed result..

    Hi folks, I have a problem and that is.. that i don't get the needed result when i copy a layer style to a shape on a different layer... . Here's an printscreen:i want the throne to be exact like the "PENUM EVENTS" letters but it don't get the same.. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: What can...
  11. Paul

    pop out style

    I have a image its cut out cruedly i know, i want to make the lighter bottom bit transparent and stand out away from main image, how do i do it please? Not have a white background when i post it, does that make sense?
  12. SeniorS

    Layer Style and masks question

    Hello! I have several times a little problem with subject. If you take some Layer Style and then set mask on it then its of course mask all image. I have problem to exlain it, i'll show: that i have, and want to achieve that: but get that by swich on mask on that layer: So did i miss...