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  1. Zain Khan

    Art Style help

    Hello my PSG friends. I am stuck with finding out the art style of the attached image. Can I know what is this art-style called? So I can search for relevant example of its tutorials I just want to know what is this art-style called
  2. P

    Different style Jordan edit

    What do you guys think of this one I just did. Different from any others Ive ever done
  3. E

    Background without using images

    Hey guys, So I'm a rather new music producer and I make some wallpapers for my tracks using Photoshop and then put some effects in there using Adobe After Effects. So I usually just use either a gradient or an image in there, but it's rather hard to find images without copyright that look good...
  4. D

    how can do the same style as in attachments? i could not find

    How can i do the same style as in the attachments? i could not do it. I got a text to write in the same styl with letters unfilled and shadowed. Please help me! Thanks!!!!
  5. vc0587

    How do I make the text in the image?

    How do I make the text in the image? Please attach the style..
  6. Movie Poster

    Comic Style (Photoshop) / Before-After

  7. I

    I have 2 to nail this style

    Well folks, spring break is here and I've got a few weeks to really get down to it and learn this style. Aside from being a very gifted headshot photographer, I really enjoy this photographers style and would love to learn exactly how to achieve this look - then play around with it. I've...
  8. chrisdesign

    Rusty Gears

    This is a wallpaper I did in steam punk style. I googled all these images.
  9. C

    How can I get a similar effect?

    Hi, I really enjoy this artwork but I would like to know how to re-create the style? Is it just simple overlaying or something completely different effect style? Thanks, Craig :)
  10. N

    Need your help guys

    I want to make a picture of me in the style of this picture But I have no idea how to make these neon style lights. Help?
  11. G

    How can I make this effect?

    I don't know if this is an adjustment or not, but I dont think its blending/layer style
  12. R


    I'm still trying to dial in this effect. Here's my number #2. I'm looking for thoughts, suggestions, tips, advice, and most importantly honest feedback? I really like this style, but it's not for everyone.Thanks all.
  13. R


    Having a hard time uploading files. Hope this works. I've been playing around with this sort of HDR look to photos. I like this style a lot and want to do more with it and add in some composite work fro some concept ideas. Would love to get some feed back on this style and look. I'm not using...
  14. MikeMc

    Need a favor !

    I need a couple of letters done in a vector file using AI ? I have a logo designed by my friend Dad Braiser....What I need is a letter "P" in the same style. I would try it, but my drawing skills are awful , nor do I have AI. thanks if you can help me!
  15. P

    Edge editing

    Hey guys, can someone please tell me, how to edit the edges of a circle to look like this? I made this like 3 month ago, and I don't remember how :( Can someone please help me with this? I'm sure it's not layer style, because I have in a photoshop file, and I cannot copy the layer style...also...
  16. E

    new style bird photography

    trying out a new style for my bird photography , liking the results seems i come from a painting backround c and c welcomed , any tips on textures would be appreciated these are my first ones
  17. F

    Actions Accessing selection style through action or shortcut?

    Hi, anyone know if it is possible to access the Selection "Style" dropdown (Normal, Fixed Ration, Fixed Size) through an action or a shortcut? I can't seem to find it when I try (ultimately I want to make a custom panel, with a button for the style, in Adobe Configurator). Any ideas would be...
  18. C

    Gradient Style for shape?

    I'd like to create or download a style for a shape fill that is a gradient blending outwards from a point (I'm making flowers), that I can choose the two colours, or create a number of my own custom ones. Can anyone recommend a download, or tell me the steps to create one myself? I'm using PS...
  19. A

    Filter for painting style from nazi propaganda posters

    Hallo. Is there a filter to make a photo look like this: goo gl/PJqfX I want to test, if I can manipulate this poster (with a german prominent). Thanks...
  20. Hoogle

    I need a cool graffiti style font.

    I have had a request for a wallpaper similar to this dont worry this is just a mock up but I cant find a graffiti font that makes it stand out. preferably a solid face font. the job is very specific to have graffiti font. So if you know any that are not on let me know. She has browsed...