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Can someone make a Obama style hope poster from this image?

very funny... not helpful. i already tried this and it was too hard! i don't really know how to use photoshop
Now I am sure you didn't mean to sound rude, but that is how it came across. Hoogleman had no way of knowing if you work in Photoshop or not. It is a good tutorial but obviously if you aren't familiar, experienced even, with Photoshop you'd have a hard time -- or no time -- doing it.

I've never tried something like this before so I haven't done a very good job. I should have increased the contrast more and tried different threshold settings, but nevertheless, here is my contribution. It was a good exercise for me. I think it looks more like a Picasso than an Obama Hope Poster!!

What's with the "I need it for school" business? Are you in a Photoshop class or something else?


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i tried this website but it wouldn't send me a confirmation email so i couldnt save the picture.

and sorry, it wasnt trying to be rude i was just in a hurry and didnt realize what i was saying