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  1. U

    Specific Change the expression of one of the characters!

    Sooo I shot a poster for a movie I'm working on and while the vibe is perfect I don't like the expression of one of the guy in blue. I just wish he was smiling a warm smile or maybe laughing along with the girl. Any edit would greatly be appreciated and I'll give you a 'poster by' credit if you...
  2. W

    Paid Re-create Graphic

    Can someone please try recreate this poster: And on the yellow space, can you also place his signature there? Ideally this should be 3 x 4
  3. MonyetGuru

    Design Breakdown

    Hey everyone, so my skills in Photoshop is real basic and i want to know how do i make the background (black lines and circle) in this poster? Thanks in advance!
  4. laughingpearls

    Specific Poster request please

    Hello all, I would like to have an edit of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Alina Lanina(Alina kiziyarova) in The Vampire Diaries style. I mean this trio must replace Damon, Stephan, and Elena. More like a love triangle. Example poster : You can use this picture as the base layer if you wish...
  5. potamia

    All the Money in the World - Alternative Movie Poster

    All the Money in the World - Alternative Movie Poster
  6. potamia

    It Comes at Night - Alternative Movie Poster

    It Comes at Night - Alternative Movie Poster
  7. potamia

    Hacksaw Ridge - Alternative Movie Poster

    Hacksaw Ridge - Alternative Movie Poster
  8. potamia

    The Blue Umbrella - Alternative Movie Poster

    The Blue Umbrella - Alternative Movie Poster
  9. potamia

    Live By Night - Alternative Movie Poster

    Live by Night - Alternative Movie Poster
  10. M

    Help with a poster design

    Hello Gurus, im hoping you guys can help me out with a present for a friend, i want to give him a poster with this kind of style: ->> But with these lyrics from Showtek: This is what I love.. And can't stop loving. Get wasted at parties, from nine 'till seven in the morning I live for the...
  11. R

    Birthday Present Request

    My girlfriend's 40th is coming up. She adores our dog, Digby, and so for one of her birthday treats I'd like to get her a print of a film poster for "Digby The Biggest Dog In The World", with the erstwhile Digby replaced with our much cuter dog. The best version of the movie poster I can find...
  12. vladitan

    Fantasy raven

    Here is some movie poster.
  13. E

    Please help with my Election Poster!!!

    Hi this is for a school mock election coming up and I would like to p.s. my face onto the opposing candidates poster. Also, if it doesn't match could you try Theresa May's body instead? It would mean so much if this could be done ASAP, and I wouldn't be able to thank you enough. P.F.A. the...
  14. F

    Godfather proposal request

    Hi guyz! In order to ask a close friend to become the godfather of our baby, we would like to offer him a gift: the poster of movie The Godfather with his face on Marlon Brando body. We have no problem to add/modify text on the poster using MS Paint (don't hit the pregnant woman, you cowards!)...
  15. R

    Trying to make a poster

    I'm new to photoshop and I'm trying to make a poster. I know what I want but I don't know if there is any easier way than what I'm doing (Tracing the streets onto a new layer which is taking forever). Basically what I'm trying to do is take a PDF View of City streets and remove all the street...
  16. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Art Deco Poster

    I always admired the extreme perspective angles of some poster artists from the 1930s. This style was unique, and the dynamic effect is unrivaled to this day. Nevertheless, I have tried to create a poster in this style.I have deliberately not used textures to achieve the desired graphical effect.
  17. agentmoeller

    PANIC poster...

    ...for no particular reason.
  18. B

    Adding design to a face

    Is there a good tutorial that would show me how to add an intricate design to part of someones face like in the poster for Star Wars Rogue 1? (Poster attached) Thanks
  19. S

    Facebook Images.

    I hate Facebook. I've got a poster I've designed for a client that they want to post to their timeline, but when I test it (I've tried several canvas sizes) it's compressing the image and making it blurred. Can anyone tell me the perfect artboard size to use in Photoshop/DPI/Save settings, etc...
  20. B

    A little New Years Eve Poster

    Sketch : Owning a Scottish Pub and I'd really appreciate some help. So if someone could please make a black background or a blackboard one like this [But its not a must] also with the nice ribbon like in the photo but please make the colour like this [ scottish kilt ] Put like a nice...