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CS5 won't remember printer settings

Aleister Brando

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I am finding this problem on other forums too.

File settings have been moved to the printer settings.
Each time I go to printer settings and specify the paper (heavy glossy in this case)
and/or number of pages to print...

I get only one page printed. Each time must reprint AND reset the paper type.

Settings are NOT remembered as Adobe says after clicking either the Done or Print button.

This is CS5 32 bit Extended v 12.0 on HP color laserjet 2605dn (duplex printer. HP only makes a universal driver now, this is the latest version on Windows Pro 7.

No answers found on Adobe Forum, which by the way seems rather lame.



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I have the answer for this! All you have to do is call Adobe directly (1-800-833-6687) and they will tell you that CS5 lacks a feature that saves the print settings. CS3 does have this feature, but somewhere since then they have left this out, making it very annoying when you have to edit thousands of different documents. You can always create an action and make it remember print settings, BUT, guess what? There's a flaw in that process. The action will remember the resolution of the original file you had open when you created the action, meaning that if you open another file it will adjust the resolution to match that of your earlier file.

Notice how Adobe forums are read-only. Interesting to me.

Bottom line: adobe admits that the feature IS NOT THERE in CS5. Below is an email I got today from Adobe. Check out the really bad English. I highlighted the most important part. All of the extra stuff is blah blah blah from Adobe and it hardly even makes sense. By the way, I had to reinstall CS3 as a solution. Brilliant!

Hello Clint,

Thank you for contacting Adobe.

Here is a summary of the interation that we had today.

Issue: When customer tries to print an image with certain adjustments on
print settings, the adjustments from the image printed is not being
saved or carried over to the next image that will be printed with the
same settings.

Workflow steps:

- Customer was able to print the documents without problems, it's just
that everytime he opens up a new picture, the print settings from the
previous image that was printed no longers applies on the new image that
was opened.
- Informed customer that Photoshop CS5 has no feature to save print
- Informed customer that the print settings from the previous image
should be retained if their working on the same file format or the
resolution is the same, but the images that their working on are of
different sizes.

- Option to save print settings / retain settings from previous printing
are available with Photoshop CS3.
- Another option you can try is to try printing / do the same printing
process with Photoshop CS5 64 bit if you're using the 32 bit version, or
try to launch the Photoshop CS5 32 bit if you're using the 64 bit
- If either of these version worked, the version that did not work
should be updated with a new driver or update.

If you have othe concerns or follow up questions about the product,
please do call us at 1-800-642-3623. We are open from 5 am - 7 pm PST.

Thank you,
Adobe Technical Support