1. D

    Converting Picture to Stylized Line Drawing

    About 4 years ago I made a teeshirt of a friend for an event we were having. I can't remember the process I used to convert a picture to a stylized line drawing and am looking for some assistance. This first picture was the first step in the process on one of the images I worked with...
  2. P

    Newbie Here

    Hi All, I am kind of newbie here. I used photoshop in the past but I stopped using it because my last day job didn't require it. I now own my own business and I need to use it create banners. Unfortunately, I don't remember most of the photoshop techniques so hopefully people in this forum can...
  3. M

    Little help on something I've forgotten!

    Hey all, I have a solid colored logo (white) and I want to fill it with an image I've taken. I've done this before but I cannot for the life of me remember how I did it! Could anyone shed some light on it for me? Thanks in advance! B
  4. A

    What is This Filter?

    Hey guys, i am new with PS. I have draw a sketch with my pencil and coloured it with PS and filtered it. I loved this filter and i want to use it in my every single sketch. But i can't remember what effect is that. Can you tell me if you know that?
  5. P

    New Member

    Names Paul, Photoshop is my nemesis, spent thousands of hours learning stuff but always seem to forget more than i can remember
  6. Z

    3 pieces of college work i found

    Hey guys I found these three pieces on my old hard disk... I was just about starting to look at 3d at this point, I screwed myself over with this one as the module after this would've fit perfectly with these images XD having said that, the module later got me into 3D, sooo. :P anyway...
  7. T


    Hi I'm Graham from England and been a hobbiest photographer for more years than I care to remember both on film and more recently digital
  8. B

    How to do this "interrupted lines,concentric" effect

    I am talking just the lines effect which looks pretty cool.Thanks.The image below you see ,its done by me on april.I want to create the same effect but I don t remember few details.I remember I ve used Filters/distort/polar cordinates and later I applied filter/distort/pinch effect.I am not...
  9. IamSam

    Does anyone remember what this Photoshop effect is called?

    I don't remember what this effect is called. Anyone remember?
  10. HydroFantasy

    Hey! Incoming of a good photomanipulator here!

    I'm quite happy I found a community like this, so I can go back though time and remember myself how much good I was in this passion of mine :)
  11. A

    How to?

    Can someone tell me how to create text like that? Mix up Texts (Here and there). I think there's a website for it. I don't remember it anymore. Can someone guide me?
  12. P

    Need help with Infamous: Second Son effect

    Hey guys! I just got back into photoshop and I am a little rusty, and wondered if anyone could help me with these effects :) Edit: Do any of you guys know how to make the blue and pink lines? been struggling for a while now :s
  13. A

    CS5 won't remember printer settings

    I am finding this problem on other forums too. File settings have been moved to the printer settings. Each time I go to printer settings and specify the paper (heavy glossy in this case) and/or number of pages to print... I get only one page printed. Each time must reprint AND reset the...
  14. Z

    remember them

    sorry, but c'mon guys it's been 10 years soo yeah, i thought i'd do up a little something. i'll add more tomorrow i need to go, sorry.
  15. D

    I can not remember how do i did

    Hello, I draw a line, then convert it to thick and coloured line. i can not explain good because my english is not good. so i attach a picture, please let me know, how can i did this. it was 3 years ago , and i am not using photoshop from that time.
  16. M

    Can't remember how I got this bevel edge...

    I created a shield with a beveled edge and accidentally saved it without the layers. It took me forever to get this effect and now I can't recreate it no matter how hard it try! I originally created the first layer to look metallic and then placed another layer inside the shield with a...
  17. chrisatlemon

    This is the PSG I remember!

    okay, starting a new thread, as the other one turned into a spam fest while I was away, lol ;) I asked about what had happened to PSG because the site is now is not as I remembered it from when I first joined. Actually I must've first joined around 2003 or so, only that the forum database does...