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  1. TripleYoThreat

    How To Touch Canvas From Inside Or Outside

    Hi, hope you're doing well. Quick question here. How can I have this item I'm transforming touch the canvas from the inside or outside. I use these terms because Media Player Classic has these options and it works perfectly, touch frame from inside or outside. So, when I'm resizing a...
  2. A

    Actions Need help modifying a Photoshop Action

  3. Pipsmom

    Going Fishing with my Dad

    I wanted to do something different this morning and came up with a sweet project of a young lad going fishing with his Dad. Using these photos, filters and applied it to a canvas
  4. L

    Hi from Hampshire and/or Calgary

    Hi, I travel frequently between Hampshire UK and Calgary Alberta. While traveling I like to spend my time improving my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. Currently I'm trying to use Adobe CC apps to produce images for transfer to canvas as oil and acrylic paintings. My main task at the...
  5. A

    How to increase the canvas (white background) without streching the picture into 1:1

    Hi I have several thousand pictures with different sizes. For example: 1024x683 3456x5184 550x550 (aspect ratio 1:1) I want to record the ACTION so that I can Batch process all the pictures by making this canvas 1:1 ratio with white background. So something like this 1024x683...
  6. G

    Define Brush Preset Question

    Photoshop CC 2017 and a Mac. Lately, I have been playing with creating brushes out of just black and white line art. I first will do a selection using COLOR RANGE...seems to be the best choice since the image is just black and white line art. Once I have the selection I then create a brush...
  7. S

    Photo of my 2 year old daughter

    Please help me. My wife took an amazing shot of my daughter with a crappy background. I would like to get a canvas photo made of this picture, but the background is blah. I tried and failed.Please help.
  8. J

    How do i do this !

    Hi guys, first post here so sorry if it is in the incorrect place, im new to photoshop and im want to create a facebook cover similar to the one i have attached, i can add the picture to the canvas but how do you cut it in the curved format and add the 2 curved features to it. many thanks in...
  9. G

    Ps memory problem

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, hoping somebody might be able to help me with a problem i'm having. I am not sure if this is normal, but my photoshop takes up a ton of memory after a short amount of use. Once it gets really high, I can't do some actions without it lagging a whole lot =( one in...
  10. F

    [HELP] Photoshop actions not applying to the canvas directly !

    Whenever i try to do actions like (Bucket tool, Undo, Type tool), those kinds of action are not applying to the canvas directly, and i have to do another action (Moving the object, color something etc) to trigger the changes made by my first action. Why is this happening? How do i fix this ...
  11. thePixelPixie

    Entire canvas isn't exporting?

    So, I've got a weird thing happening with a file right now. Never run into this one before: I have a 6.25 x 4.25 canvas size. It's full bleed. But when I go to File/Export/Export As...the preview image appears cut off at the top and bottom - by quite a bit. Not just the bleed amount. Is there a...
  12. TripleYoThreat

    Smart Guides During Proportional Free Transform

    Hi, I'm basically trying to resize an image to fit my canvas. When I drag the corner and hold shift to do it proportionally, the smart guide no longer shows to line it up to the canvas. If I do not use shift, it is there, but it is no longer proportional. I was thinking it has to do with the...
  13. Eggy

    Flipping horizontal or vertical

    It appears something changed since the last update to CC 2015.5.1. I used to be able to flip horizontaly or verticaly a specific layer part of a project. At a point I realized that I couldn't flip a layer on his own and that in the pull back of image/image rotation the command 'flip vertical or...
  14. B

    No startup canvas on CS2 for mac

    When I open photoshop CS2 on my macbook there is no gray canvas as I see in others pictures. How do I get photoshop to default to a blank gray canvas when I open it on my mac? I have looked everywhere and tried everything and nothing seems to work. thank you in advance!
  15. H

    Configuring images

    I'm trying to insert a jpeg image - saved from a PSD - into MS Word. I can do that easily but it always has a canvas around it. To be more specific, I want to make an irregular shaped image, for example of a person, but only want the persons outline, so I can format the image as "Tight" in...
  16. gedstar

    New Photo Manipulation

    Not sure whether I like this, but just trying to get my mojo back, there's nothing worse than looking at a blank canvas and I've been looking at a lot lately :bustagut:
  17. MoltresRider

    Font size issue

    On my Photoshop at home, on a 2880x1620 canvas, I need to make my font size >100 in order to be able to read the text. On the Photoshop where I go to college, on a 7000x5000 canvas, a 28 point font shows up larger than a 100 size font on my 2880x1620 canvas. What could be the issue with my...
  18. O

    Baselining Images

    Hi, this is a question for PS Super Experts (I would think so). So here is a situation. I need a script to baseline* images. I have roughly 40k+ images that need to be baselined and doing this manually would take ages. So I need a script that would do this automatic. Let's say I have image...
  19. K

    Would really appreciate help

    Hi everybody. I am new to this site, and new to photoshop. I have always wanted to learn about it and fully intend to. However my parents anniversary is in 2 weeks and I found a lovely picture of them dancing. I'd love to get it printed on a canvas and give it to them. I'd really like the...
  20. S

    How do I poster print sections?

    Hi all. I've been googling for days and trying different found answers, but it's not working out. - or maybe I just don't understand. I'm an artist-painter and work from my own photography. I want to direct transfer printed images scaled to my stretched artists canvas. For example: I'm painting...