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  1. gedstar

    On1 Effects Free: professional photo filter program

    More info
  2. starbird

    PS not allowing me to select the font I want

    I have a PSD image open and need to add text. Regardless of what font I select, it uses a different font and always that one. I need a particular font and I WANT TO SELECT it not have the program control my choices. I have never had this happen before. CS6 What's wrong? How do I override this...
  3. D

    looping sign-in

    I did a composite image last week and got a scratch disk full alert. I shut down the program and then when I reopened it, it gave me a sign-in page (which it never did before) When I signed in, it went to a sign-in approval page then went back to the first sign-in page. It just does sign-in...
  4. E

    Show extras..

    can i set view-extras as defaultly disabled? it is automatically shown everytime i start photoshop. is it possible to set it as disabled at program start ups?
  5. GiovanniPiris


    Hey guys! Just figured I'd post a quick introduction here before posting! I've been using photoshop ever since I was about 14 - I'm 22 new so by no means am I beginner. I'd probably consider myself intermediate, as I really only use the program for specific things that I do on a regular...
  6. N

    Greetings from Argentina

    Hello, I a hobbits photographer with a basic-medium skill in photoshop. I'm looking for to improve my skill in this program. Hope I can find what I looking for ! See you there !
  7. S

    Hello from Washington, DC

    Hi everyone, I'm a grad student in New Media Photojournalism at the Corcoran College of Art & Design in DC. Since ours is not an art photography program, I haven't gotten that much training in Photoshop, so I get a little confused sometimes :) Thanks in advance for any advice! Susannah
  8. S

    Which program to use to create psychedelic footage? something like this?
  9. W

    Photoshop CC 2017 will not even start.

    OS - Windows 10 Photoshop CC 2017 Photoshop CC 2017 will not even start. When I initiate the program, it appears to run, but before it starts, but after the Workspace appears, I get a message that Photoshop 2017 has stopped working and Windows is checking for a solution. The program then...
  10. C

    Attempting to Reset Tool Presets....

    ...assuming this is the problem....?? :hi:Hi, all, I'm new here and thanks, in advance, for taking time to talk to a novice while I ask a question about an OLD version of PS -- the version (an error pops up when I try Help, About, so I can only tell you the version is named "Adobe Photoshop...
  11. A

    Copyright question

    If you would get falsely accused of Copyright Infringement, How would you proove to anyone that it is your work, your design, when it's a work made in photoshop or any other design program? When it's a real photography it's fairly easy to show you are the copyright owner. Just by having the...
  12. V

    Newbie here

    I have just started using Photoshop and boy it is complex to say the least. Going to have fun with this program and all of it's features.
  13. MoltresRider

    Photoshop freezes for 15+ minutes "Reading Preferences" followed by 9 or 10 "program

    I have having an issue with Photoshop freezing during startup on "reading preferences", it will be frozen for 15+ minutes with the busy mouse cursor, at this same time, the entire computer becomes very laggy. When it eventually goes on and starts up, I get several "could not be started due to a...
  14. K

    Hello hoping for some info

    HI all, not sure which forum posting to ask this question so will do here . I just recently had a computer major crash , sadly lost most everything. Now have windows 10 and my old photoshop program which I used constantly is not compatible with win.10. It was photoshop 10 , what current...
  15. D

    Focus area closings

    For photoshop cc 2015 there is a tool called focus area and it works fine if I use it once per document However if I attempt to use it twice without closing the program gives a "Photoshop will now close" dialogue box Is there some type of repair to this?
  16. H

    Increasing the contrast of photographed burrows

    Hello everybody, First of all: I'm completely new to Photoshop and it is kind of my last resort. I have the following problem: for my study I have to analyse the burrows made by worms in the soil with the use of a computer program. This program however has a lot of difficulties with analysing...
  17. Eggy

    3D 3D Split Glass experiment

    I tried something more challenging but it did not turn up the way I had in mind. I'll work on this later. The rendering took me 11+ hours. :eek: This is what the program 'fabricated' for me.
  18. O

    Elements 6

    New member here with many questions. Found that I have a copy of Elements 6 here, Is that a decent program to start with? Also I found something called layers in this program. What are layers if I may ask. I appreciate all the help given. Thank you a million Charlie.
  19. J

    Layering help? Is there any way to split layers?

    Hi, Basically what I want to do is split a layer in half but keep the underlying images intact. For example: Something like that. Because it's a web design project, each time the mouse hovers over...
  20. Helios

    CS2 Dialogue boxes and canvases disappearing

    Hi there, Since I started using Photoshop CS2 in Windows 10, this glitch has started occurring after working in the program for some time - anything from 10 minutes to 2 hours. (It is much improved after I reinstalled CS2 in its own directory on my C: drive, instead of in the program files, but...