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Hello hoping for some info


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HI all, not sure which forum posting to ask this question so will do here . I just recently had a computer major crash , sadly lost most everything. Now have windows 10 and my old photoshop program which I used constantly is not compatible with win.10. It was photoshop 10 , what current photoshop program can I get to use now that would be the most similar ? I am lost without my photoshop :cry:
Hi Karag and Welcome to PSG

Do you mean Photoshop Elements 10?

If so check this link

If that doesn't help you can purchase Photoshop Elements 14 from here

There's also this plugin you can purchase to enhance the features in PS Elements

Going forward always remember to create a backup of your hard drive and data, always store your data on a separate partition/external drive and always backup the backup you never now

You can use this to create image backup of your hard drive that way if the OS or hard drive goes tit's up you'll always have a recovery to fall back on

Just remember to create the image on a separate partition first and copy that to an external hard drive

Most importantly do updates of the OS and Apps before you do image creation, I do this on a weekly basis, mind you I never had to do a restore yet in the last year, but I do one once a month just to make sure the image is working OK
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