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looping sign-in


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I did a composite image last week and got a scratch disk full alert. I shut down the program and then when I reopened it, it gave me a sign-in page (which it never did before)
When I signed in, it went to a sign-in approval page then went back to the first sign-in page.
It just does sign-in loops and I can't access the program even though it is in the system.

I called adobe and they gave a few solutions which did not work.

PS CC 2017 most recent update (June 2017)
I think the problem is that on the assign scratch disk there's not enough virtual memory left for PS to function.
Maybe a good cleaning up like in the link is at order...
No Lambert the issue the OP is having at the moment is he can't sign in to the Creative Cloud
It just does sign-in loops and I can't access the program

That link will show him how to re-install the Creative Cloud App, it won't remove any of the Adobe applications
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A possible problem might be when I sign in to the account, it won't or can't access the account because I can't get into the mail account.
I go to the mail page, type the username and password and it says the password is invalid. Maybe if it can't validate the account, it can't sign in.
I have tried tossing out the CC app and downloading a new one and it still gives the same mail loop