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  1. D

    looping sign-in

    I did a composite image last week and got a scratch disk full alert. I shut down the program and then when I reopened it, it gave me a sign-in page (which it never did before) When I signed in, it went to a sign-in approval page then went back to the first sign-in page. It just does sign-in...
  2. S

    My latest creation

    Hi, I'm new here... these are my latest creations. I'm still learning, so hope people can give me some advice to improve my skills or make things look better or more natural :-) First one is some ghost comming out of a mirror. The guy with the icecream in the source pictures is a friend of mine...
  3. Paul

    Before and after manipulations from your own camera.

    Taken earlier up in the hills around Brigadoon, just sitting there rusting away i gave it the treatment. Original. Manipulated. Have you got any to share...must be your own mind.
  4. M

    Photo Editing Suggestions

    Hi Comrades! I am including an attachment in zip form and would like some feedback. I have labeled the layers as to what I did from the original picture. Now this is the first time, ever, that I have Photoshopped a picture. I am open to all critiquing and suggestions. Please don't leave out...
  5. W

    Beginners work

    Hey guys I'm quite new to photoshop and havn't had much experience so i gave a shot at recoloring a couple pictures. Hope you like them.:wave:
  6. hershy314

    This was a challenge

    Started off with a pic of my mom's roommate's truck. It's in really rough shape so I gave it a digital face lift. Took me roughly 4-5 hours to complete.
  7. Paul

    Magazine Photoshop efforts

    A plus-sized model curious about global perception of beauty decided to give her photograph to 21 different editors around the world to see how they would use Photoshop to 'perfect her.' Colombian-American Maria Southard Ospina told the various editors to 'fix' a woman of her size while...