1. D

    Organising Brushes into easy-to-access Folders

    Hi, Am new to this Forum and although I've been using various versions of Photoshop since about 2000 when I first started, I think with Photoshop 4 (may have been 3) I've still got a lot to learn and tend to stick to various methods I know for working and just add new bits and pieces as and when...
  2. starbird

    PS not allowing me to select the font I want

    I have a PSD image open and need to add text. Regardless of what font I select, it uses a different font and always that one. I need a particular font and I WANT TO SELECT it not have the program control my choices. I have never had this happen before. CS6 What's wrong? How do I override this...
  3. K

    How to Select Post-Processed HUD from screenshot

    Newbie here, also very noob at Photoshop, so yeah. I've grabbed a screenshot from a videogame called Black Mesa (it's the best HL1 remake for a reasonable price on Steam, but nevermind I'm not here to advertise), and I want to edit this particular screenshot because of its interesting bootup...
  4. G

    Brush Problem

    I am at an absolute loss as to how to organize my brushes. Some brushes are .abr files and some are .tpl files. When I select the Brush Tool, then go to the default Options Panel and select the Brush Tip dropdown I see a list of what appears to be .tpl files. I can select one of these...
  5. G

    ACR White Balance Question

    I believe there are 2 (at least) ways of automatically setting White Balance and it seems they give different results so I am wondering what the difference is. If I select an neutral area of an image and I use the White Balance Tool (I) it automatically adjust the TEMPERATURE and TINT sliders...
  6. Pipsmom

    New Project Guidance needed

    I have a project in mind for three 1800's photos and need a little advice on the simplest way to achieve this...I have in my mind what I want it to look like but don't know the steps how to achieve it..:banghead: ............Highly ambitious for a beginner with just basic knowledge but one must...
  7. H

    number of measurement exceeds 700

    Hi there, I am trying to understand how PS makes it´s area measurements. I have images of pink algal crusts on a black surface and I use colour selection to select them. When I want to use the "make measurement" function I will get the warning that the number of counts exceeds 700. So here is...
  8. D

    Need help Photoshop2017

    I was gradually learning things and thought I was doing ok, until Adobe decided to new improve stuff. I want to cut out an image and move it to another background, which I have done loads of times before, but now the refine edges has gone and I have the select and mask thing instead. The problem...
  9. B

    CC very sluggish with lag

    Since I bought a new Mac Mini (top one available) with 16 GB RAM & 2TB Fusion Drive, CC is very sluggish. I am on a Mac running the latest OS and usually keep most other programs closed except Bridge. The Fusion drive only has my apps on it so there is about 1.5TB plus free. I keep all my...
  10. P

    Tips for Creating PNG with White object on White Background

    Hello PSG, I'm trying to figure out the best way to turn this image into a PNG with a transparent background and just the shirt and its minor surrounding shadow. I tried searching through the forum to see if there was already something available to help with this but didn't have any luck. I'm...
  11. Eggy

    3D Blender Rubik Cube

    :shocked: I started manipulating objects mesh and I wanted to put a rounded bevel on a cube. Using edge select and vertex select it took me one and a half day to put a rounded bevel on a cube. What's the problem you would say? The intersections of the corners, that was a huge problem that made...
  12. Pipsmom

    Select and Mask

    Is it me or does anyone else find after selecting out a part on a imagine then go to select and mask in 2017 PS that it never does a really good job keeping the mask where you want it to be around the edges when you return back..... Frustrating going back and forth trying to find a happy place...
  13. Eggy

    How to Find the Original Refine Edge Tool in Photoshop CC 2017

    Those who are using PS CC 2017 and can't get used to the 'select and mask' here's a tip how to get 'Refine Edge' back:
  14. greyhoundrick

    ?: Select & Mask Tool in Photoshop CC 2017

    Hello everyone, Just downloaded PSCC 2017 and am having some problems with the new Select and Mask feature. The main problem is the "Onion skin" and "Layer" view modes won't work with my images. I reset my preferences and also unchecked the graphics processor, but neither of those solved the...
  15. S

    No refine edge option in Quick Selection tool

    I am using PS CC 2017. I am trying to select two objects in a photo to blur a background. I am using the Quick selection tool, which works fine, except at the top over the photo, there is no option for "refine edge", as I have seen in online tutorials. As you can see by my attachment, the...
  16. J

    Text Selection Photoshop Bug Is Driving Me Crazy!!! Please Help! Thanks!

    Hello everyone, First off thanks for having me as I'm new. My issue I'm having is to do with the text selection. Some times for no apparent reason Photoshop will not allow me to select the text on a design. What I try to select it it simply opens up a new layer instead of selecting the text...
  17. M

    Accessing tutorials in CS2

    I have just installed a legal copy of Photoshop CS2 on my Windows 10 AU computer. In Help, when I selected a tutorial I got an Elements 4 tutorial. I then uninstalled Elements 4 and now I get details about the help centre, regardless of which tutorial I select. Is this a Windows 10 compatibility...
  18. gedstar

    New Select and Mask in PSCC20115.5.1

    Just wondering how you people are finding the New Select and Mask feature in PS which was introduced in PSCC2015.5 I've been trying it out and find it pretty hard to make good selections in comparison to the Refine Edge option in CC2015.1.2 and older versions Seems to be very buggy and a lot of...
  19. D

    The "apply image" feature

    Can somebody give the reason for this feature? I have watched videos and read articles and all it appears to be is a blending mode. If I select "layer 1" in apply image on a 2 layer photo, what is supposed to happen to each layer?
  20. E

    Changing the size of a bar

    Hi, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to photoshop (using Photoshop 2015 CC), so I might have a hard time explaining this. I have a psd file and I'm trying to change a progress bar, I didn't create the image, but I have permission to change it and alter it. This is what the progress bar looks...