1. gautamz07

    wanted help in identifying font

    guys what is the font on the logo ? the blue font i mean :) can somebody tell me ? , also whats a great font detecting tool ? any ideas ? Thank you. Gautam.
  2. N

    What font are these two?

    What font are these two?
  3. Tony42

    [Just a little Request] Can you help me replace the blue logo, please?

    [Solved] (Little Request) Can you help me replace the blue logo, please? Hello everybody, it's a bit rude to ask this but just for this once, I need the help of someone for replace a logo by another one, please. I'm a member of a forum and we need this image to place it in a poster, if...
  4. A

    [Help] Getting The Font!

    Need help getting the fonts for this pic to edit
  5. 7

    How to Create Pinstriped Text??? (Line within font, centered throughout each letter)

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create something like this. .... Where the font has a line right in the middle of it. I can't figure out, using "stroke" doesn't create an effect like this. If anyone could post general steps to accomplishing this, that would be outstanding. Thank you, Blake
  6. A

    How to use a eps font file

    Hi All, I am slightly confused as to how i am meant to use a ESP font font file. I have recently purchased this font: It came with a .EPS file, how do i install this font or use it? its basically looks like this: Would really appreciate...
  7. D

    font not displaying - help

    So I've searched fr the last 2 days all over the Internet trying to figure out why a specific font is not displaying in Photoshop, but is in other programs (IrisUPC). Nothing has been of any help, so far. The reason this is such an issue for me is that I'd had this font on my other computer...
  8. L

    Help pasting text, but keeping multiple font format

    I want to past text into a text box, but keep the format of the text that was originally there (different fonts for each line of text). An example of what I am trying to achieve: So The text is one text box with a different font for each line of text. I want to be able to paste another load...
  9. agentmoeller

    Strange behavior with text

    Hey. I've noticed some strange behavior when I'm using text in Ps. If I activate the text tool, click on my workspace, and type, everything is fine. If I go back to the same text and click on it (with the text tool active), say to change the font of size, the text suddenly becomes bold...
  10. MrToM

    CC 2014 Font Preview Memory Leak

    Some of you may have already seen me ranting on about a memory leak in Photoshop on more than one occasion. Once PS is opened, and without loading an image, in fact not doing anything at all, PS would sit there quite happily racking up the memory usage......I've had it past 25GB before now...
  11. MrToM

    Text layer being deleted by PS!

    PS CC 2014 Win7 x64 SP1 This is yet another of those moments where you it just me?... The Scenario: A regular text layer, font changed, layer duplicated, duplicate text layer moved. The problem: Once the duplicate text layer is moved the original text layer is deleted. To...
  12. gautamz07

    how to make text more vibrant and more interesting to read.

    guys , I was just making a section which contains the about us paragraph . i usually see the about us sections are quite boring and the text from a users perspective is quite boring and uninteresting . have a look below : can that be made anymore interesting ? how ? i mean from a UI...
  13. R

    Any ideas on this font?

    Apologies if this is the wrong place but does anybody know what font is shown in this logo? Thanks
  14. B

    Stroke manually (no blending options), its possible?

    Hello, i want to do my logo. So a need to creat a STROKE on the letter "B" But i dont wnat to use a blend option, because when i increase the size of the font, the stroke desregulate. So i have a B: And i want a stroke, like this: But hwith no bland options. I tryed to duplicate the font...
  15. B

    Help with finding a font

    Hello, Does anyone know what font is this: or does anyone know a font similar to this Thanks a lot. Sorry for my bad english
  16. H

    Font Viewer

    Has anyone found a good font viewer as a plugin for Mac ? The stock font viewer isn't really cutting it for me. Thanks.
  17. J

    Font question

    Can anyone tell me the name of the font that this K on this guitar is?
  18. S

    How do I creat this font effect?

    Hey all new here and hoping to get someone to give me a tutorial on how to create this rising 3D font effect like ZION TRAIN in the photo here. Thank you all kindly .
  19. Zain Khan

    Font Creation Request

    I come up with a simple Request. I am designing a logo and I am stuck with the font. Can anybody help me create this font which should be written "Only Perfection", Or it would be helpful if somebody can find out that font name for me? :) Thank You!!!
  20. I

    Convert text to outlines

    Hi. I am new here. This is my first post. I have Googled my problem, but have not found any real answer. If this has been asked and answered before, and I am sure it probably has--then my apologies. I am just learning Photoshop. The heading to convert text to outlines is greyed out for me...