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  1. S

    How do I creat this font effect?

    Hey all new here and hoping to get someone to give me a tutorial on how to create this rising 3D font effect like ZION TRAIN in the photo here. Thank you all kindly .
  2. Zain Khan

    Font Creation Request

    I come up with a simple Request. I am designing a logo and I am stuck with the font. Can anybody help me create this font which should be written "Only Perfection", Or it would be helpful if somebody can find out that font name for me? :) Thank You!!!
  3. I

    Convert text to outlines

    Hi. I am new here. This is my first post. I have Googled my problem, but have not found any real answer. If this has been asked and answered before, and I am sure it probably has--then my apologies. I am just learning Photoshop. The heading to convert text to outlines is greyed out for me...
  4. K

    Help or tips needed for text effect.

    Hello gurus! Please excuse my supreme ignorance. I have been trying to replicate the effect on the text that says "Vintage Auto Races" with no luck so far. What i want to achieve is to make a text gradually decrease or increase in size. Notice how the font is gradually decreasing and yet, it...
  5. D

    font on a wall

    Is there a trick to making a font appear realistic as possible on a wall using photoshop 7 (and not just look like it's typed on) Something like a gradient map maybe to meld the letters into the wall below. Would that work?
  6. D

    Recreating a 3D font...

    Hey PG, long time no see! I have a bit of a specific question here; I have a piece of source material and I need to replace one of the words in the image with a different word, but emulating the same font/coloration/lighting etc. As a noob, I haven't attempted anything like this yet, and I was...
  7. gautamz07

    Any guess on what font this is ?

    any guess on what font this is ? the "S" specially i don't see in any default font in PS .
  8. MrToM

    Font Preview in CC & CC 2014

    Previewing and selecting fonts in Photoshop has never been a slick affair at the best of times and for me Adobe's latest 'upgrade' just makes the whole process even more annoying. I'd rather place my wedding tackle in the mouth of a lion whilst flicking his love spuds with a wet towel. This is...
  9. B

    Images and text question

    Hello I use the Jenna Sue font on a Website: but as most people don't have that font installed in their Windows folder and therefore can't see it (most browsers will default to displaying Times Roman), I thought it best to use a gif image instead. This is 60pt Smooth Jenna Sue on a...
  10. M

    This Text Effect?

    Does anyone know how this text effect was achieved (without weathering)? Or if there's an action or plug-in? (Or maybe it's a font.) Thank you.
  11. S

    Font or Text having marshmallow effect

    hi , I need to create a logo, the text need to be like a marshmallow. I did distorce, fonts, and another things but doesn't works... someone can help me? att.
  12. G

    New Novice

    Hello my name is berte and im a novice in photoshop .i want to learn phototshop and i will be very greatfull to be help by the genius on this forum. My first task is to give round border to a png image and to make the font orange....
  13. B

    Illustrator Keeping same size text with different fonts.

    Greetings Im trying to keep size consistency between two different fonts. Lets say I want all my text to be 5mm but when changing the size different fonts look different in size. Is there a way to keep the same size without changing all the text to outlines?
  14. D

    Unable to install Fonts in CS6

    I recently switched to Mac and installed CS6 on my Macbook Pro. Everything in Photoshop works correctly except for my fonts. When I go to install a font the Font Book appears, a progress bar appears and then nothing. There are no new fonts anywhere even though it appeared to have installed...
  15. M

    Do you know what font this is?

    I can't find the font in the picture! You please help me with this!
  16. RedHeadsRule

    How do I remove unwanted Fonts from Photoshop CS5?

    I went through my font folder where I installed them and deleted the files, but they are still in Photoshop! There are several fonts that I downloaded from font sites that I no longer use and I would like to delete them so that it doesn't take so long for Photoshop to open up. I have looked all...
  17. R

    Ironman Font (How to make the font Look the same Graphics wise)

    Ok so all I want is to have "LEGION" written in this font (Don't need the background or anything just the font) I have this font "CGF Arch Reactor" which works fine as a "IRON MAN" font (and is free) I just have no idea how to make it look like the pic above (graphic wise) Someone please help
  18. M

    Find and replace font throughout PS document

    Hello All, Not sure if this is the correct forum for this but I will try it none the less. Is there a way to 1: Find all instances of a font i.e. Arial in a PSD and change all of those instances to another font i.e. Arial Unicode MS without having to select each individual text box or...
  19. R

    Text tool problem

    One of the strangest problems I've had. My text tool is set to a reasonable size yet when I try to type the blinking cursor is nowhere to be seen. I can kind of see a part of it blinking it the top corner, but in character styles everything is set to normal. The text shows up as this odd...
  20. R

    What is Good Font Size when transfering PSD to HTML?

    HI I am about to start slicing my psd file to turn it into html but before I start I want make sure the font size is correct so my slicing wont be off. What is a good web font size? Im worried once I slice my psd and once I add type in the html document the slicing will be off..