1. Hoogle

    I need a cool graffiti style font.

    I have had a request for a wallpaper similar to this dont worry this is just a mock up but I cant find a graffiti font that makes it stand out. preferably a solid face font. the job is very specific to have graffiti font. So if you know any that are not on let me know. She has browsed...
  2. S

    What font is this please help me :)
  3. D

    Need help to add effect to font

    Hi all, Newbie to photoshop (4 months or so) but this has stumped me. My wife wants a flier for her class and loves this print her sister has, but i have no idea how to add the shimmer effect around the edges. I've use burn to darken the color on mine, but can't get the broken, shimmery...
  4. adeee

    Dos any body recognize this font?

    I want to know the font name of the word torment. in picture below. its captcha. anyone.?
  5. T

    Illustrator Missing font error while i have the right font!!

    hi everybody ! I just installed illustrator cs5 ( I want to use it for musical scores) and I've come into a problem: I opened a musical score and an error message popped up because the software did not recognise the font I used ( a classical notation font), clicked ok, resuming document...
  6. SeniorS

    Help recognize font.

    Help recognize font [CLOSE] Does someone recognize that font? What The Font didn't help much. It's look kinda Glypha but has more angular (translator) edges. Thanks in advance.
  7. malyo

    PSD printing and font size problem

    Hello I've decided to improve my CV through Photoshop obviously. But the very first problem i've encountered is that i'm not quite sure that the font size in Photoshop (let's say Times New Roman 12 pt) doesn't really equal the 12 pt font in MS Word. How should i overcome this problem...
  8. Y

    How to make handdrawn script (font) look like it was done on the computer

    Sup guys I have two images here of a script (font) I've hand drawn. I want to know how I'd make it look like it was done on the computer I don't want to change the look of it. Just basically pick one from the lot and make it look clean and high resolution if that makes any sense. Couple...
  9. M

    I need this font!

    Hello, Could anybody tell me the font found in this picture or somthing close to it? I attached the picture to the post! Thanks! Heres the picture:
  10. B

    What is this font? I still haven't figured out.
  11. SeniorS

    Good Font Manager on Windows 7?

    I haven't use none of font manager yet but start to feel need for it. Usually i just "install" font on system. But with many fonts it's seems kinda not best solution. So, advice, please, some good, easy and fast font manager for windows 7 64bit to work with PS, Indesign and so on.
  12. R

    Creating a font in photoshop

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to create a font in photoshop. I would like to take an existing font and apply effects to it (gradient, dropshadow etc) and export it as some type of font. Either .fnt (bitmap) or ttf would be preferable. If this is not possible in PS does anyone know of...
  13. G

    Looking for a good source of free fonts.

    hello, I'm looking for a good source of free fonts. Specifically I am looking for a nice stylized handwriting font like this: Image of Signature. Normally I would just sign my name until I liked it, but I have a disease that makes motor control of my hands difficult. As a result my...
  14. G

    School me on font use in photoshop

    I'm working on making a temporary business card (hopefully before a car show in 2 hours!) and I'm having font trouble. I've always had this problem and never could understand how to fix it. I looked up the size of a business card - 3.5" x 2" and plugged that into Photoshop. I then found a...
  15. Paul

    Font Issues

    When i try to use some fonts they do not appear as i type them into the image area, why is that please? All my fonts are either pre installed or downloaded fonts from various legit font sites, the cursor shows itself to be typing the words i want to appear, but no letters actually show up on...
  16. D

    Can someone help me determine the font of this image and replace one of the words?

    Hello, I'm trying to replace the word "Residential" with the word "University" in the following image, but I'm having a hard time determining what the font is and replacing it so that it looks the same, just a different word. Does anyone know how to do this? Heres the image...
  17. Roxandara

    How to Install a Font - Fontinfo: Pulse by Eric Mynahan - FREE True Type Fonts - kostenlose Schriftarten - Flyer DTP Design Help please it wont work :(
  18. Windows7

    Is there a way to check which font is used????

    Hi folks, Regularly i have the problem that i want to know which font is used in a logo because i like it but i can't find the exact font? Isn't there a option in PS to check the font like for example the 'eyedropper' does with the colors?