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  1. D

    Illustrator Illustrator halfone screen gradient

    Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of the colour halftone on the attached images please so that it is just black and white:banghead:
  2. S

    Radial texture

    Hello,I need to create high quality radial texture for watch, but don't know how. Attached image, what I got and what i need.
  3. J

    How do i do this !

    Hi guys, first post here so sorry if it is in the incorrect place, im new to photoshop and im want to create a facebook cover similar to the one i have attached, i can add the picture to the canvas but how do you cut it in the curved format and add the 2 curved features to it. many thanks in...
  4. V

    Can anybody help me with my deceased father's photo?

    Hi, The attached image is of my father who died. I only have this one scanned image of him which is very blurry. I want to frame this photo and hang it on the wall but the guy at the studio said the print would not be good. So I was wondering if anyone here could help me on getting this image...
  5. K

    Please teach me how I can extend this artwork

    Hello, I been looking around for some videos but I'm not sure exactly what to look for, I am new to photoshop and I'm hoping someone can offer me some guidance here. Please see the attached image. I resized the image and I know how to crop to create more space to work with.. but thats pretty...
  6. 1

    Can anyone help me please to create something similar to attached image

    Hi,i am trying to recreate a curved path with the same effect as in the attached image,How can I do this.Any help very much appreciated. thankyou in advance...... Hopefully with the green and white border,as close as possible... what is in the middle does not matter just the bordering,Not sure...
  7. L

    Collaborate 2 logos into one

    Hi, Had a logo designed a while back by Confestium, cant seem to be able to get hold of him. Looking for some ideas on collaborating the attached 2 logos Company name is Eco Logic, we are an energy brokerage based in the north of england Regards,
  8. C

    Logo help

    Hi, I'm hoping to have something printed onto a shirt but the quality isn't up to scratch (nor is resolution) and I need the whites to be white... (see attached). Can anyone help? KRs, Mike
  9. E

    easy selection of colors

    Hey Guys. Im having trouble selction certain colors in an easy way. Right now I'm using the pen tool, but it takes to long time. Color range and replace color is not giving me a good enough result. I've attached the image so you can see what I mean. It' a camuflage pattern, 3 colors...
  10. X

    unable to rotate a selection

    Hi, i selected an individual in a layer and I cannot rotate it. Only the stroke is rotating. I attached a printscreen. Thank you in advance for your answers
  11. R

    Help making an email signature

    I need help making an email signature with the animated text: Merry X-mas & Happy New Year I'd like the whole look and feel to be more hipsterish and trendy like this example (feel free to go crazy): I also need it with the inclusion of the attached image and some pictures of labrador...
  12. S

    Need Tutorial for Rings as attached Picture

    HI, I would like to make logos. How to make Ring like attached LOGO can any one give me tutorial for that Ring...
  13. S

    Resizing with Content aware in PS 2017

    I have a photo that is approximately 24+ x 18+. I want to print it at 20x24. I'm not sure how to upsize it using content aware to arrive at this size. I've attached my screen shot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  14. M

    How can I create an image like this?

    Hey everyone! New to the forum and had a question! I wanted to create an image like that attached but didn't know exactly how and didn't know what to look up Thanks! Michael
  15. J

    Help with wrapping banner around Oval Shape

    I have a long thin banner that I want to bend or rap around an oval shape to make the banner appear to be border for the oval how can I do this? tried Edit>Transform>Wrap but it had disastrous results attached is a copy of my starting point, I want the black and gold banner to drape or wrap...
  16. K

    Get help to enhance blur photo

    Dear All, Can somebody help me to enhance the photo in attached please? I want to get a man picture clearly. THANKS!!!
  17. S

    how to make transparent a colored pictures. Removing Background.

    Hi Gurus, can anyone help me find a easy way to make transparent of colored pictures, I usually do the manual lasso tool and took me a decade to finish my project. I hope somebody help me. attached is the sample pictures. Thank you and appreciate all your help:wink:
  18. A

    Making circular arcs in Photoshop (was: for the love of God)

    Hello friends please please tell me how to make the curves of this attached picture exactly? please thank you MODERATOR'S NOTE: The terms of service of this forum do not permit us to make or encourage any modifications to currency or any other financial instruments (eg, credit cards). So, we...
  19. S

    Trying to recreate a shield shape.Got struck!!

    Trying to recreate or replicate this attached shape with gradients and information on a shield shape.Got struck!! Any help or tutorials will be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance Gurus.How to add exactly similar gradients and other information on the Target file ?? Want to learn .Thanks in...
  20. S

    photoshop request

    HelloJ Iwould need your kind assistance to help edit the 2 attached photos please. Theitems to be removed is the side roof and the pillars attached to the side rooffor both pictures please.