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Can anyone help me please to create something similar to attached image


Hi,i am trying to recreate a curved path with the same effect as in the attached image,How can I do this.Any help very much appreciated. thankyou in advance......
Hopefully with the green and white border,as close as possible... what is in the middle does not matter just the bordering,Not sure if i explained well enough lol tnx
lol yes thats virtually what i need to do :D so it looks a bit like a road like this :)lines.jpgthankyou so much for the very quick reply....
OK for this I used the Pen Tool

Select the Pen Tool by hitting the P key on the keyboard and set it to Shape and select No Fill and then change the stroke color to whatever color you like and set the stroke size to about 50px
Then draw your first shape


Then right click on the Stroke layer and select Rasterize Layer, then hit CTRL J to copy that layer and select it, then hit V key on the keyboard to select the Move Tool and move the shape above the other one keeping it parallel


After copying and moving the copied shape


Pen Tool tutorials

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many many thanks for this I really do appreciate it,I have some learning ahead I think!
and ty again for the super fast reply...
One final thing if you are still around is,i would like to add a thin black highlight line contouring along the edges of this created shape,to seal it all in,have tried using stroke in blending options but the line is far too thick,and cant figure out
how to reduce the thickness of this line...or is there an easier way to do this? or maybe its just me thats thick :D
ty in advance all sorted now thanks again for your help and teaching me something new,,great forum :D
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