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  1. R

    Cropping and adding a border along with text to a photo

    Hello Everyone, I am new and I have two questions- how do you crop this surfer photo to match the size of a postcard that is three and a half inches high and five inches long? how to add a shaded border along with text to a photo? Border like this
  2. D

    How to get this border effect and the texture effect?

    Hi, I want to get the border effect "around WED" same as the below image. How to achieve that, detailed tutorial plz. Thanks in advance
  3. T

    Specific Can someone please photoshop the colors out of this and make it all white?

    Hi how's it going. I'd like this map to be all white. Right now there are a million colors. However, I'd like the town border lines to still be there. Can you help me with this? thank you.
  4. C

    Text + Gradient... BUT...

    Hi, I know how to apply gradient on text. What I don't know is how to apply gradient "starting from" text. Take a look at my example : The best I could do was to use a Shape Burst Gradient on the stroke... now, what I really want is the gradient to smoothly reach the black border. Any idea...
  5. G

    Old Car

    This is my second composite. My original goal was to do something that would expand my knowledge of Ps but then this took on a life of its own. The car and gas pump are iPhone shots that I got last summer when my wife and I were in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I added the Route 66 sign to...
  6. V

    Auto crop white border

    I'm searching for a way to remove the white border of images. I have 6000-7000 images, so I can't do this by hand... Every image has a different size and a different white border. Is there any plugin that does this? For example: has to be:
  7. A

    Requesting additonal transparency on this gif.

    Could someone please make the area directly around the girl transparent? It may be hard to notice, but there's a border about one pixel wide around the girl that is still white, or otherwise noticeably discolored compared to the rest of the image. You'll likely have to add a contrasting color to...
  8. C

    Illustrator Two Circles, Inner Circle Transparent to see image in background

    I am new to Illustrator and I am sure this is simple. I have looked at you tube, google but when doing what is suggested I loose my border. I am hoping someone here can guide me the correct way. I am trying to put the image within the center circle. I think all I need to do is make my inner...
  9. 1

    Can anyone help me please to create something similar to attached image

    Hi,i am trying to recreate a curved path with the same effect as in the attached image,How can I do this.Any help very much appreciated. thankyou in advance...... Hopefully with the green and white border,as close as possible... what is in the middle does not matter just the bordering,Not sure...
  10. C

    Help me make this photo look normal?

    This may sound a little vague, but I have this photo I really like of me jumping. Can anyone help me make the lighting and contrast look a bit more normal? Also if you could fix the weird border thing that is going on, that would be great. Thank you so much!! :cheesygrin:
  11. B

    border inside a picture

    hi im trying to put a border inside a picture like this example - does anyone know how to do this?
  12. N

    How To Create This Border?

    how do i make a border like this around the corners of the thumbnail?
  13. P

    Printing greeting cards issue

    Windows 10, Canon IX6550, Photoshop CC2015. I have been trying to print greeting cards, using 7x10" paper, but no matter what I do the print always comes out with a thin border. Choosing 'borderless' in the Canon print preferences only produces a warning message and the resetting of the paper...
  14. F

    Logo/Emblem Design Needed - Paying abt. USD 50

    Good Day all, I am looking for assistance in designing a logo for a graduated class of shipping students. The logo is to be like a badge, and the intention is it will be used for both stationary but also possibly printed on clothing in due time. Budget is as per the title ard USD 50, which is...
  15. L

    treating a group of images as one graphic?

    Hi, I hope I am posting this in the correct place- I have very little knowledge of photoshop and my version is VERY old so very few people will have it but the basics I think are kind of the same (hope so anyway). I am trying to create a background page for a new website I am working on using...
  16. Y

    Quickest way to make stickers ? (rounded border on its shapes)

    Hello people, I'm relatively new to photoshop and was wondering if you could give me a little hand. I need to know the best and quickest way to make top-quality stickers. I know there are scripts that can automate processes and all, so do you guys know any script that given an image, it...
  17. K

    Glow Around The Border Of Image Effect

    Hey Guys, still learning photoshop :) I'm messing around with glowing effects. So I'm trying to replicate the image that's attached: In order to get the glowing border, it looks like they use a 1 pixel white stroke, and then used inner/outer glows to get the border. When I try to replicate...
  18. B

    Creatng a 3d cracked border around a logo/image

    Morning Guru's First post here ad hopefully you can help. Am looking to create a cracked/jagged border effect around an image/logo similar to the following: Does anyone have any idea on how I can recreate a...
  19. I

    How to make a border wider?

    I'm so new I don't even know what to search for! But this is what I'm trying to do; I have our clubs logo and it's surrounded by an oval border... I need to make that border wider but not change the interior dimensions so the logo still fits in the center but will later allow me to place text...
  20. M

    Simple border that i cant do lol

    Hey there guys, sorry to bother you all but im trying to find a way to do this simple border, heres the link to a youtube thumbnail with it . Im making a new layer white, putting the fill on 0 and then adding a stroke and dropping the opacity on...