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  1. N

    Blue border after crop?

    Hi, starting to try to learn photoshop on my own. It's the little details that are confusing me. I just cropped this image (I believe a destructive crop) and there remains this blue border plus little symbols on the upper left hand corner. What are these and how do I get rid of them? Thanks...
  2. S

    Problem with a drop shadow

    Hello! I'm new to Photoshop, and I'm having a problem. I used the rounded rectangle tool to make a box to hold some text. When I was done, I thought it'd look nice with a soft drop shadow. I added the effects layer to the box layer and it looked good except for it is emphasizing a light...
  3. C

    Newbie possibly(hopefully) creating a template?

    Hello all, Brand new to the forum and I look forward to learning asmuch as possible about this amazing program, Photoshop! My first struggle I am facing is the main reason I purchasedPhotoshop in the first place! I want to recreate a border shown in the picturesbelow. I have contacted the...
  4. R

    Howto divide an area into adjacent selections?

    Hi, I have a black and white picture which I want to colorize, so I want to make selections of various elements in the picture, then apply different colors to the selections. For example, a dress with a belt in the center: there are three selections: the upper part of the dress, which shares a...
  5. I

    Ripped, torn, scratched Metal effect

    Hi there I'm new to Photoshop guru, I have been searching for a tutorial that might help me to make a torn metal effect in Photoshop. The metal effect will be used on the side of a stock car and possibly on t-shirts. It's main purpose is to border an image that I have already created. Please...
  6. T

    Illustrator Text will not stay within text box borders

    Hi all, I have a question about illustrator text boxes. What seems to be happening is that when I create a text box (type tool click and drag) and fill it with text, the text seems to be breaking out of that border. This is something I have never experienced before (it certainly doesn't happen...
  7. G

    Border Styles Question

    I am relatively new to UI design, and I am just getting the hang of layer styles. I am working on an element that needs a border similar to this: With asymmetrical raised rim and a recess in the middle, which responds to the direction of light. Can anyone give me a good idea of how to...
  8. A

    Recreating Casino style border

    Hi all, My company uses the business cards that are attached and i am trying to make some menu cards and would like to use the purple branding at the top of the card. I don't know how to make this so any help that could be given would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Adam
  9. A

    How do I get exact border around photo?

    Hello I am glad I found this forum. I want to get my photo to print with an border that is exact around the entire photo. The one's I am printing are not. The border on top and bottom of the photo are thicker than the border on the right and left. And the photo is not centered. I need it to be...
  10. L

    Making a Border in Photoshop (Distorted at 100%)

    I created an image in Photoshop - a plus sign with a rounded border and a 1 pixel gap between the two. When I view it within Photoshop at 100%, the border is distorted and looks terrible. When I view it at 1600%, the border is fine - when I export to PNG, the resulting image is perfect...
  11. S

    Create a white border around round object

    Hi there, I am a relative newbie to photoshop - I am trying to create a border around a logo that has rounded edges. I have used to stroke tool and it creates the border. However, when I try and save it and use it it still has square edges. How do I get rid of the square edges? Thanks!
  12. L

    Chrome border for HTML tables

    I am redesigning my website and I want to make the borders of my HTML tables have a chrome effect. I can make a fixed sized border that looks like I want, however I need it to be seemlessly repeatable so that it can stretch out as far as it needs to without loosing the chrome effect. For...
  13. H

    How could I make the same border effect?

    Hi! I was browsing the web in search of ideas for photo borders/backgrounds and stumbled upon the following (see attachment). At first I thought it was all done with CSS but, after close look at the source code, realized the border is part of the photos. Now, even though I'm a terribly...
  14. Bucket

    Blue border around Pictures

    I was doing something in Photoshop and i pressed a key by mistake,and the screen was half filled with all of the brushes. It has done this before,but i just clicked outside,and it went back to normal. It has just recently happened again, but this time there is a Blue Border instead of Grey can...
  15. A

    Remove black border from all-white image?

    Hi all, I'm a Photoshop beginner, and I am having some troubles. I have created a solid white image on a "transparent background." The problem is it comes with a small black border around the image. How can I remove it? I'm hoping to put it on a t-shirt - almost like it's screened. I've...
  16. R

    Photoshop - select - modify - border

    Hello!! I have PS cs5 and when I define a selected area.. I go above and click in SELECT then in MODIFY and finally in BORDER.. I choose 5px or 20px, whatever, and it generates a border area.. but when I start to fill (with brush tool)..the color stays automatically blur/fade ..instead of...