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border inside a picture

Bob Mcdonnell

New Member
hi im trying to put a border inside a picture like this example - does anyone know how to do this?


  • border1.png
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Hi Bob and welcome to PSG.

There would be many ways to accomplish this effect, most of which would be determined by the end use of the final image, but Hawkeye's solution is the easiest.
Totally agree with Hawkeye.

I would make a slight addition to the process.

If you want to be 100% sure that the selection on the new layer is perfectly positioned I would do the following.

Create a blank layer
Ctrl+a to select all on the new layer
Click on the selection menu and select "Transform Selection"
Hold down Shift + Alt whilst you drag one of the corners

You now have a selection which is perfectly equally positioned from each edge.
Now stroke as suggested by Hawkeye

EDIT - the selection will only be equally spaced if the original is square - if it is rectangular there will be a difference between the sides and the top & bottom - but it will still be even.
If you want to adjust the distance of 2 opposing sides (IE Top & Bottom together - or left and right together) then hold down alt whilst dragging the side handles. this will ensure that the shape will be centrally placed.


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Another thing to take note of is the positioning of your stroke.

If you place on the centre of the selection or on the outside you will get very slightly rounded corners - you might want this :)

If you want perfectly crisp corners be sure to place your stroke on the inside of the selection.