1. K

    The Beauty Inside [Photo Manipulation] - #kzOFFBEAT

    Behind a dirty or broken outside, there's usually a very colorful beauty inside. Stock credits: Dirt and grass image by Elizabeth Lies Bright sky by Mathyas Kurmann Dark sky by Antoine Barrés Rose by Henrique Ferreira Rose stem by Annie Spratt
  2. H

    Kung Fu Kenny T Shirt "DAMN." to "BETA."

    The font in the picture is Friz Quadrata OS Bold. However, I do not know how to create the pattern inside. Can someone help me out? I want the "DAMN." to be "BETA." Transparent background would be lovely. Thank you!!
  3. chrisdesign

    3D Art Deco Armchair and Sculpture

    This is my first Blender work, using Cycles Render. The head inside the ring is postwork in PS. Critique and comments are welcome.
  4. M

    Need help with back lighting

    Hi everyone. So i need help with my work. I design ads that are being mounted on billboards like this: Now this billboards have LED lights inside of them, and i wanted to ask if there is a way i can photoshop the ad to see what would it look like at night with lights shining from inside of...
  5. K

    Daytime to Nighttime

    Hi, I managed to superimpose a newly designed building into its surrounding using Pixlr, but now I am struggling to change the scene into a night scene (with lights on the inside of the buildings). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. F

    How to paint inside with brush like this?

    Hi everybody! I want to know that how to color shapes or drawings without going over the lines like in the video below. I don't want to make a selection then paint inside. Just want to color exactly seen on that video. What is the easiest way to do that?
  7. agentmoeller

    Road sign

    Saw this sign in the neighborhood, and the evil little voice inside me told me I had to.....
  8. B

    border inside a picture

    hi im trying to put a border inside a picture like this example - does anyone know how to do this?
  9. hershy314

    Abandoned School

    I was taking a walk around the neighborhood and came across an old school that has been abandoned. I found out the next day it was the old middle school. I snapped a few photos of the outside, thought about goin in but couldn't find an entrance and besides too many houses around. Didn't want to...
  10. J

    How was this done

    I am impressed by the style of the art inside the red circle behind the warrior in this picture. anybody know how the texture and color inside the circle can be achieved? the texture is also repeated in the rest of the picture, the color specially the moon looks amazing combined with that...
  11. J

    How to expand background color for this are?

    can someone help me at the issue? how to I make this edge which has color like that inside? I used ctr+T
  12. B

    Very small photoshop request from noob!

    Hello there, I was looking for place with photoshop talented people to ask for help, I guess I couldn't find better one :). Here is picture: And request: Could someone please be so nice and remove from inside of this hood this blue light and make it look like his face is hidden in the...
  13. Y

    Color layer inside rectangle

    Hey, it's my first post and probably as basic as it gets. Still have problems finding a solution through google. In my template the layer one is just a rectangle, no background. I'd like to fill everything inside the rectangle in the layer white and everything outside black. Surprisingly having...
  14. Eggy

    Challenge 32 - TubeWorld

    Time for challenge 32: This is how it will start: I hope mankind will make it until there... Meanwhile man started to bild a huge spacecraft to travel to the stars. But because an old man with grey hair and moustache stated we will not be able to...
  15. H

    Need help with effect!

    This album cover has multiple textures and what looks to be a gradient inside. I'm mainly wondering how to get the 3d metal texture. Thank you guys!!!
  16. E

    Adobe Certification Exam

    I am a self taught Photoshop user who still is learning more and more about the software everyday. But I'm planning to take the Adobe Certifcation Exam soon and I was wondering, when/how do you know you're ready? There's no typical classes to take, it really is just all about knowing the...
  17. N

    Heart with name inside it?

    Hi guys ive been trying to do my sons name inside a heart,something like this Im not very good with photoshop so it would probably take me ages to do something like that,so im just wondering if anyone can...
  18. P

    Which effects are used here?

    Which effects are used here ? That shadow inside, those lines inside that button? Let me know then I will try to remake it, I already tried but totaly failed.. tried like inner shadow and similar things :banghead:
  19. C

    THIS CURRENTLY POSSIBLE?? - Displaying multiple psd inside editor??

    Not sure how well I can explain this. This is an idea that I would THINK photoshop would have but perhaps I am not aware and have been doing this the HARD way?? * Let's say I am creating a website template which usually consists of a HEADER, FOOTER, (perhaps a LEFT, RIGHT) and a CONTENT...
  20. JustThisGood

    How put images inside of your text!

    I also go over the basics of Clipping masks in this tutorial Enjoy!