1. Z

    i love recoloring!! (new recoloring inside)

    i love this, it's so liberating! :D Before: After C&C welcome as usual, i'd love to hear what you guys n gals think of this be as harsh as you want :thumbsup:
  2. D

    How to place text inside and across multiple shapes

    Hello, I could use a little assistance on a project where text needs to be spread across different shapes. I understand how to fit text inside a shape like a circle, heart, diamond, etc. but what I need to do is spread a few paragraphs of text across several different shapes, lined up roughly in...
  3. D

    image inside an image

    Hey guys I'm new here. I have never been taught photoshop and have always just messed with things and discovered what does what. I have a simple question that everyone should know. I want to take a logo like oakleys or nike and shrink it and make the " oakley, nike " out of its own logo shrunk...