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  1. K

    Clout Man

    Is there any way you could take the main guy in this picture (the one wearing glasses and looking stylish), and put him onto a white background? Thank you!
  2. Roberts1010

    Take out cars

    Can anyone take the cars out of this photo, the satellite dish, and make the sky bluer? I know that's a lot but if I only get the cars out that'd be super great!!!! I put it on here two ways, unsure of which way will work better. THANK YOU!!!!!!
  3. C

    Change our faces PLEASE

    Can anyone help me please, I am so desperate. Please put this guys face into this pic.
  4. inkpad.t

    Another Queen

    Really must stop calling theses queens. I never put a crown on them.
  5. M

    Can someone please put these 3 together?

    I want it to look like that all stood together when the picture taken The middle one: Left of him: (Only Ronaldo who is the left one in the pic) Right of the middle one:
  6. D

    Looking to hire someone to finish a mockup ($50+)

    Hello all, I am looking for someone to help me out of a jam. I need to mockup a truck with a food trailer and blend it in to a background. I can provide the psd files that have the truck and trailer separated and I can provide the background image I plan on using. I was supposed to finish this a...
  7. A

    I need someone to Photoshop this, please.

    Can some please get rid of the fake looking pistol and put in a realistic looking one and get rid of the yellow background?
  8. A

    I'm going to need two glocks, please

    I would like for someone to put one pistol in each of his hands, please.
  9. J

    Please could someone help me remove the girl and put me in the picture

    Please could someone help me remove the girl and put me instead the first picture. I want to be in similar position to her. Many thanks.
  10. M

    Please put a T-shirt on me :)

    Please put a T-shirt on me (preferably black) and adjust the lighting on the shirt to correspond to the environment. Thanks!
  11. Matt8444

    Truck swap

    Hey guys, im after a huge favour if anyone can assist. if someone has the time please could you put the yellow/white truck under the loader instead of the red one please? i would be hugely grateful thank you
  12. H


    Can anyone put my boys head on the transformer? He already thinks he is one but this would be awesome!!
  13. M

    Black roof and white handles on car

    Hi everyone! New here, I want to wrap our boring looking family car into something more appealing. But I'm not sure how is it going to look like after throwing away about 300? on the wrap. that's why I need your help. REQUEST : As the title says, black roof and white door handles, please...
  14. R

    Need Help photoshopping a head onto Urban Cowboy

    Putting together a card for a friend turning 60 and he just moved into the city. So I thought it would be appropriate to put his face on the Urban Cowboy playbill. I know the resolution is bad, but is should only be a 4x6 when I print it. Thank you for your time :)
  15. S

    Spider logo help

    hi i want to put a red stripe down the middle of this spider logo to made it look like a redback spider. if someone could help me out it would be much appreciated
  16. SepiaPhotographi

    Interesting Article....

    Wanted to share this interesting article with you guys. I guess this is the best forum to put it in.... "He Who’s Worthy Does Not Advertise"
  17. StingerXVII

    Image Modification Request

    Can somebody turn these pictures black and white for me then add a dash of red to each of these pictures for me. Just enough to make the pictures stand out. Pic related is the look i'm trying to get. I'm not looking for perfection either I know the images aren't the best quality. I want the...
  18. Z

    Photoshop request: Add emty plate to car

    Hey! I'm so glad I found this forum, Hopefully I can get some help here. Below you can see two pictures. To put it simple, I want the license plate holder added to the car bumper, below the Mazda Emblem This one
  19. B

    can't put white logos on shirts

    Hi I actually need help to put a white logo on a shirt. So basically what happens is,everytime i put the logo on the shirt,and change the mode (of the logo) in "multiply",it disappears instead of beign part of it. The thing is,with colored logos it doesn't give me that problem. Any solution...
  20. J

    Crocs w/ Socks

    Good morning, Would it be possible to put some socks on this Crocodile?! Any socks will work =P Thank you!