1. Y

    Can you put this cup in this photo

    Please put this cup onto the bed in this photo
  2. S

    3D Displacement map for 3d

    Hi! I need advice for how to create sci-fi displacement maps for 3D software. Like 3DS Max and Blender (I have used Blender last 10 years). Is it there script for this kind of work? I put here example image so you can see what i mean. :cry:
  3. Bobzworld

    anybody know how to put the "new document" back?

    anybody know how to put the "new document" back in the new photoshop instead of the template option?
  4. J

    Photoshop for work

    Hi, I want to Photoshop something for work, but I am not as good in photoshopping. It will be nice if you can help me! I send you a picture where I say what to do, the second picture is the picture to photoshop and the last picture is the logo to put in the picture. I hope you understand...
  5. R

    Very easy request

    I have a picture of my sitting down lying back with my palms on the lawn and I'd like someone to put me on the stairs of a mansion
  6. P

    what to look at with photos

    what do i need to be looking at when wanting to put different photos together as ive put a few up recently and they havnt gone well together when you guys have tried your best to make them fit.
  7. S

    Put dreads on top of these eyes

    Can someone put some vector black dreads on top of these eyes. i attached the pic of someone with dreads, that's the style i want it but in a front view with the hair coming down to that sort of length. make sure you get the hair line like the person in the picture. The dreads don't have to be...
  8. S

    Take out guy from first photo & second photo and put guy second photo to first photo

    This is original image from first photo This one I need to remove the lion logo and that guy from the above photo This is second photo.I want you take out this guy photo and put in first photo Please make it asap :) Thank you
  9. F

    MASTER Yoda

    Can someone put this face into master yoda? Thanks!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yn3bk6qwkibwm4/Foto%2006-12-16%2C%2009%2049%2005.jpg?dl=0
  10. R

    Help photoshopping someone in.

    I have a couple pictures were my friend wants to photoshop her ex out and put someone else in his place.
  11. D

    Could someone help to put a Beard on my photo :)

    Hi I would like someone could help me to add beard on my face :) will be cool
  12. S

    Can somebody switch dogs?

    Hello Gurus, I'm new here. Can somebody please photoshop the dog so that they're both looking at the camera? My neighbor couldn't get his buddy to stay put. I want to surprise him this X-Mas with a huge portrait. Thanks in advance.
  13. I

    Can someone please put me in Back To The future 3 clock picture

    Hello! I went to a special Back To The Future 3 event where you could take a picture in front of the famous clock. I'm the guy on the left. Can someone please put me in the movie as Marty? Thanks a lot!
  14. L

    Recently passed away dog

    i have this photo of my parents rotties romy and rolo that i absolutely love however i hate the background... and recently the rottie on the left (romy) had complications in her lower back so she had to be put down.. i would like to get this photo on canvas as a reminder of the awesome duo they...
  15. chrisdesign

    When We Where Young

    My brother (on the right side of the image) will have his 70th birthday soon. I found this old Black and White Foto of us, added some image details on the left side and colorized it. The size of the final print will be 40 cm and put in a frame of 60cm. I think it'll make a nice present.
  16. H

    Removing object from photo

    Hello! I will be very grateful if someone help me with removing an object from my photo. I want the cigarette removed from my hands, you can put just cigar ot electronic cigarrete. Please and thank you!
  17. H

    Help with Logo...Any help appreciated greatly!!!

    I would like to take the "Beat It" phrase out of the blue ring and place above the "erd" in the word Nerd in black bold cursive. On the bottom in the blue ring I would like to put Fair Oaks, CA in a regular font. I appreciate any help as I know you are doing this on your own time. It is for a...
  18. D

    Simple modifications (i guess)

    Hello, i would like the same draw but with some differents things, i would like the girl to have like burgundy/red hair and guy blond hair and simply remove the text, and if possible to put it in PNG so there is no white font, would be really happy if someone do it thank you very much :)
  19. M

    need help removing background from bird cage

    i've tried by my self with photoshop, but i can't get it fully, I'm just trying to fully remove the whites in it so i can put it on like any background for my wallpaper, any and all help is appreciated
  20. B

    border inside a picture

    hi im trying to put a border inside a picture like this example - does anyone know how to do this?