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Black roof and white handles on car


New Member
Hi everyone! New here, I want to wrap our boring looking family car into something more appealing. But I'm not sure how is it going to look like after throwing away about 300? on the wrap. that's why I need your help.

REQUEST : As the title says, black roof and white door handles, please.

EXTRA :If you want, just for fun, I would like to put black wheels on the car, right now the car has 16' steel wheels. Surprise me.

Choose any picture you want that you think is easier to work with
15216194_1473242842689140_1958435769_o.jpg2015-04-18 09.18.39.jpg2015-04-18 09.18.21.jpg

Wheels that I would like to put on the car :
(16' or 17' in size if possible)