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  1. G

    Specific Rear light tints

    Hi all!! You absolutely smashed my last request, would it be too much trouble to ask someone to tint the rear lights on my focus? Would be after a light tint, not too dark if that’s possible! Thank you so much in advance 😊
  2. L

    Paid 30$/30eu car community logo

    Hello i need for car community new logo. logo should include web name Im thinking something like black and white png/vector type picture with car (front or back) thats looks smooth lowered and has camber with also website name/adress. as example something what looks lowered with...
  3. T

    Specific Car involved in hit & run. Please Help

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help identify the reg (or even part of it) of this car which hit mine? It would be greatly appreciated as they hit my car and sped off :(
  4. G

    Specific Car wheel colour change

    Hi! Is anyone able to make the wheels black on my car? Really grateful for any help as I’m so useless at photoshop haha. Thank you in advance! I would be super happy! Mod edit: One image per edit request. Any additional images will require it's own request. Thanks.
  5. C

    Specific Cool Car Edits I can use for a small business?

    As the subject suggest, does anyone have any cool car edits you have designed in the past that I can use for my relatives business? Its a car dealer that has been opened for a year and let's just say he has not hit the big leagues yet, which is why I am in the free section. Ideally we would want...
  6. P

    Specific Want to see how the brushed black vinyl on the car and black brake calipers look in diff color

    The car is a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport in Black Rose tintcoat paint. It has black brake calipers and I did a 3M 1080 vinyl brushed black metallic on the center of the hood and center of the roof (and center back side as well - not shown). What I'm interested in doing is getting the calipers...
  7. Inkz

    Wheel change on a car

    Never thought I would post here but I'm asking for a good friend of mine. I'm not too sure why and I don't want to know lol. Anyway. What I need is the wheels from the blue car added to the grey car and also I would like it if the grey car was lowered. I'm aware that the quality of the blue...
  8. Chsavage

    This Idea I had.

    Who knows if it already exists? Well in a way it does. Let's say you have this car, and you want some new shiny wheels and tires, no problem. There are dozens of ways to get exactly what you want sent right to your doorstep, or installed professionally at any number of shops. Now lets say you...
  9. I

    Colour change on car

    Hi, just wondering if someone can please change the colour of the blue car to the BMW Pyrite Brown (second photo)? thanks!
  10. H

    Lowering this vehicle 35mm.

    Hello! There is a brand new Ford Fiesta that is launching late 2017 and as such no one has done any modifications to the car yet, however the standard mod is to lower the car 35mm and put some cool rims on it! Anyone here willing to help me edit these pictures so the car is 35mm lower? And if...
  11. gedstar

    It pays to shop around

    We have to get an NCT on our cars here in Ireland similar to an MOT and mine is due next week, there's a company in Ireland called Advanced Pitstop who are advertising a free preNCT check, I had to get new tyres anyway so decided to give them a try. So left the car in and later on got a call...
  12. P

    Hello, could someone please remove the red car from the picture?(Part 2) Thank you!

    Thank you!
  13. P

    Hello, could someone please remove the red car from the picture? Thank you!

    Thank you very much!
  14. D

    Little help with a car

    Currently I am looking to buy a car, and its a VW, so its got expensive additional features, so I have to calculate my costs. I want to see what the car would look like if I repainted stock Dijon rims, instead of buying new ones. Please repaint rims on the original car picture to look like...
  15. Roberts1010

    Can Anyone clean this picture up?

    Can you take out the power lines and the car in the background? Maybe make it a prettier day? Any help appreciated!
  16. G

    Old Car

    This is my second composite. My original goal was to do something that would expand my knowledge of Ps but then this took on a life of its own. The car and gas pump are iPhone shots that I got last summer when my wife and I were in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I added the Route 66 sign to...
  17. M

    Black roof and white handles on car

    Hi everyone! New here, I want to wrap our boring looking family car into something more appealing. But I'm not sure how is it going to look like after throwing away about 300? on the wrap. that's why I need your help. REQUEST : As the title says, black roof and white door handles, please...
  18. chrisdesign

    3D Trilogy with Cats

    For once I did use some 3D objects from archive 3D to do these images. The main actor in these series is a cat. (Never tried to sculpt yet). I spent a lot of time on lighting the scene to create 'backlight'. I also tried various materials here. The original cat, positioned 3 times. Car...
  19. C

    Photoshop request(Miata)

    Question Photoshop Request? Im just wondering if someone could do me a favor that is decent with photoshop, as of now I have a white 1.8 miata with a tan top but I'm getting tired of the white. If someone could photoshop a black Miata with silver/chrome advanti storm s1 wheels and a tan soft top...
  20. S

    '71 Firebird Formula

    This time I tried to "cartoonize" a car a bit.. this is what I ended with :-)